Coconut oil is the inexpensive miracle product celebrities swear by. Here are 20 of the ways it can save your beauty routine.

Coconut oil is the miracle product du jour. It’s organic, inexpensive, and every celebrity from Gwyneth Paltrow to Blake Lively swears by it. With that kind of a pedigree, there must be something to that coconut oil stuff. Here are 20 ways coconut oil will save your beauty routine. (Then, when you’re done with those, you can use it to cook up some broccoli for #21.)

  1. DIY lip gloss: A nice lip tint that also conditions your lips is an excellent use of all that coconut oil.
  2. DIY sugar scrub: A coconut oil sugar scrub is an excellent thing to have around after a bikini wax.
  3. Body butter: As a skin conditioning treatment, it is so much cheaper than you’d spend at the store.
  4. Deep-conditioning hair treatment: Fix those split ends with a deep-conditioning mask-like Blake Lively uses.
  5. Anti-dandruff hair spray: Nobody wants dandruff.
  6. Strengthening hair mask: Preventing hair breakage will get you one step closer to Blake Lively hair.
  7. Coconut oil and sea salt face scrub: These are so pretty and nicely packaged you could give them away as gifts.
  8. Makeup remover: This makeup remover has one ingredient. You have three guesses of what it is.
  9. Eyelash thickening serum: This seems safer than a lot of eyelash serums on the market.
  10. Dry skin cure: This will definitely cure your itchy, dry skin.
  11. Whiter teeth: Swishing coconut oil around in your mouth will reportedly help whiten your teeth naturally. (It is also rumored to help give you better skin.)
  12. Cuticle cream: Rubbing coconut oil into your cuticles will help your nails grow longer, stronger, and healthier.
  13. Fight stretch marks: Maybe diligent use of coconut oil can help prevent or lessen the appearance of stretch marks.
  14. Cellulite cream: Mixing coconut oil and coffee into a scrub is rumored to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. At the very least, you will smell interesting.
  15. Makeup brush cleaner: We know we should be cleaning our brushes anyway.
  16. Chapped lip cure: This is way better than just chewing them.
  17. DIY eyeliner: This is creepy looking.
  18. As a face wash: This will reportedly help cure scars, too.
  19. Acne treatment: Coconut oil isn’t just for dry skin.
  20. Keratosis pilaris treatment: Coconut oil’s ability to cure the little bumps on the back of the arms of people with keratosis pilaris is much-touted. I’m going to have to try this one.
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