The Best Beauty Splurges Money Can Buy, According To Our Readers

Even though we are big fans of saving money by DIYing or heading to the drugstore, sometimes it is okay to splurge on beauty products. When it comes to stuff that goes on your face and body, there are some that you just don’t want to skimp on. But which ones make the most sense? Which products are really worth the money?

Last week, we asked you, folks, to tell us which makeup, skin, and hair products you prefer enough to drop some serious dollars on them. As I have mentioned quite a few times lately, I am obsessed with perfume. I love trying new ones, I love collecting pretty bottles, and I love the excitement that accompanies discovering a unique scent I’ve never seen before. Sometimes they can get expensive, so I try to be as selective as possible to make my habit a little more sustainable, but high-quality ones that are designed by experts who really know what they’re doing are just so, so worth it.

So, which ones are you guys most willing to spend money on? Here were your answers:

1. sydneyb79: “I splurge on shampoos and stuff the first few weeks or so right after getting my hair colored, and then I lose interest and it’s back to whatever is in the shower!

But for skincare, I splurge on Dr. Murad when the situation calls for it, a good moisturizer for the KP on my arms, and all the body butters (I like Bliss or Clinique) when my skin goes super scaly in the winter.”

2. Heather C: “I agree with perfume and primer. I like Smashbox Photo Finishing Primer. I also like to splurge on eyeshadow, because they have stronger pigments and go on smoother. I particularly like MAC and Urban Decay.”

3. tempura-san: “Face cleansing and moisturizing products! Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and Lightly Moisturizing toner have changed the game for me. I’ve never used anything that made me think I’d use nothing else for the rest of my life, but I’ve been using this for two years and, barring a little nose scrub once in a while, this is it. Worth every penny (and the mud bar, to be fair, lasts ages).”

4. footnotegirl: “I splurged on the Hourglass Illuminating Powder set. These are finishing powders (7 colors, 6 available, and one only in the set) that are supposed to mimic the quality of various lights. They aren’t too shimmery at all, suuuuuper smooth (where powder meets liquid, almost), and have a very subtle but lovely effect, to the point that I’m about to buy two more colors even though they are like, $48 a pop. The splurge that I allow myself only on a very very infrequent basis (like once every couple of years) is a pot of Lush‘s Gorgeous moisturizer.”

Just a note on Hourglass: I’m so obsessed with its Ambient Lighting Palette. The above commenter is pinpointing exactly why!

5. osteopathosaurus: “I’m a resident physician (translation–doctor working but still in training) so I work long hours, don’t get enough sleep, and I am (for better or worse) a bit of a crier. I cry at least once a month at work (and it can be because I’m sad about a patient or because I’m angry at a situation I can’t change, I really cry more out of anger and then get mad at myself for crying so I cry more). So my beauty splurges are waterproof mascara and eyeliner. A doctor with runny eye makeup would not inspire confidence am I right? Clinique lashes power mascara long-wearing formula and Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner has stuck with me through hard cries, beach trips with snorkeling, and pool days.

“I also depend on my Clarisonic (huge splurge for me but I’m so glad I did it) and Boscia BB cream and I’m developing an addiction to Benefit boi-ing and eyebright. Also, it’s not a super big splurge but Orly bonder for a basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat give me a lot of mileage out of my manicures–patients notice my nails a lot and I’ve gotten called out on chipping color, oops.

“I think really my biggest splurges though are the try-it sets–I love the smaller sizes I can easily throw in my bag and a lot of things if I like them I don’t use enough to buy the bigger sizes. I’m a sucker for getting samples too. But the things I mentioned are what I actually buy in regular sizes.”

6. Pretty Smart Joker: “Ladies…$20-40 for primer…I used to be the same way until I found out the ingredient that makes your skin smooth is Dimethicone.

No lie, go to Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens…and pick up Monistat (yes) Anti-Chafing gel for a mere 6 bucks! Then you can save the $$ and can splurge on something else. I use it every day. My splurge is Mason Pearson’s hairbrush, along with Bvlgari and Child perfumes.

7. loser_sneeze: “Face stuff. I use Lush Herbalism in the morning, Fresh Pharmacy at night, and their face masks on the regular. They aren’t nearly as cheap as things from the drugstore but since my skin looks great I’m okay with spending the money. And mascara. I’ll pay for Lancome Hypnose Star because it looks so good on me and doesn’t smudge under my eyes (EVERYTHING smudges under my eyes despite only wearing mascara on the top lashes). $28 bucks are worth it to me.”

8. Jinx: “Foundation. It goes on your whole face so that somehow feels more splurge-worthy to me, rather than a product for a single feature. Make Up For Ever HD foundation is like magic/Photoshop for your skin. But it’s like $40 a bottle. I CRY.”

9. Eve Vawter: “GUMMY BEARS from Sugarfina. Not lying. I mean, okay, they are not makeup but I love them. I also do love Tom Ford lipstick, and I agree, primer, I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I loved my Clarisonic and it cost a lot but I use it alllll the time.”

Note: Eve, please send me gummy bears, please, and thank you.

10. Liz: “I’ll spend anything on skincare. In New York, my Retin-A prescription was $250, and I spent it and would do it again. (That tube lasted probably a year though.) I also love the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Love it. Also Lancome’s art liner liquid eyeliner. It’s the only thing I can seem to get a good line with.”

11. Jenni: “Good primer, it’s so worth it to spend more on that.”

12. Alexis Rhiannon: “I have no idea — I cheap out on everything, so I’m gonna mine the comments of this to see what I should be shelling out for! WHAT EVEN IS PRIMER.”

13. Samantha: “I WANT THOSE BEARS. Also, Tom Ford lipstick is unreasonably great. Also, I love my Clarisonic but…I don’t use it all the time. I have no bathroom counter space so I store it in my room and that makes everything just inconvenient as shit.”

14. Sarah Murchison: “I’m surprised Heir Atelier wasn’t mentioned. Kendra’s primer is awesome. I love, love, love it! I think that more of us should be using the power of professional makeup. This is the stuff that makes the beauty on the silver screen.”

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