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Fast Beauty Tips – A celebrity makeup artist shares her best tips for looking good fast!

Melissa Schleicher, celebrity hair and makeup artist shares her secrets for multi-purpose beauty products, taking your look from day to night, covering a pimple, and more. As the owner of Parlour 3 in Brentwood, Tennessee, Schleicher works with the top names in country music including celebrity clients Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Fast Beauty Tips

In your opinion, what makeup should most women never leave the house without?

Every woman needs mascara and bronzer (I like Girlactik Bronzer in Cabo). I also use a product called Browlift by Sorme for an instant eye lift! Browlift is a beige pencil that works on almost everyone that is like instant visual Botox for your brows.

What are some of your favorite multi-tasking beauty products?

Girlactik Coral Cream Blush is a great multi-tasking product. Throw it in your purse for a quick pop of color for your cheek and lip!

What three makeup brushes should every woman own and why?

Three brushes every woman needs are a good eye blending brush, eye smudger brush, and blush brush. An eye blending brush is great for blending out shades and contouring eyes and a smudger brush is best for smaller areas and detailing the eye. The blush brush is, of course, for your cheeks.

What is the quickest way to cover up undereye circles? A pimple?

The best weapon for covering dark circles or pimples is a good concealer! Also, if you put a drop of Visine on a pimple it will immediately take down some of the redness.

How can a woman quickly take her makeup look from day to night?

The quickest way to take your look from day to night is liquid eyeliner.

We live in the age of Facebook. What are some tricks for looking great in photos?

Contouring the face and finding the right angle is the most foolproof way to look your best in photos. To contour, buff a matte, neutral tone bronzer under the cheekbones and chin. This gives a soft, defined look.

How do you know if you’re wearing the right shade of foundation? Do you need a different shade in the winter than in the summer?

To find your perfect shade, always swatch the foundation on your neck, and check in natural sunlight. If you cannot see it, you have found your match! You may want to switch to a lighter foundation in the winter and a darker one in the summer.

How can you make your makeup last?

A great tip for helping face makeup last is to always use a face primer. A trick I use for eyes, is to wet your shadow brush before applying shadow or you can use Girlactik Eye Glaze, it is a cream waterproof eye shadow that stays put all day.

What’s the quickest way to take off your makeup?

I always keep makeup wipes handy. The quickest way to remove makeup!

What’s your number one secret or piece of advice for a woman who wants to put on her makeup on the go?

On the go, buff powder foundation on with a large powder brush. This will even out skin tone and give a quick flawless look.

What are some ways to make your makeup look natural?

Neutral shades for eyes and lips are always a safe bet when it comes to looking natural. Sometimes less is more. I like Girlactik’s Star Shadow matte colors in Skin and Pearls.

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