6 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About Your Body Hair

We could all do with a few more things in life. Love and happiness are the obvious ones, but I’d also like to include body positivity in there. In an effort to encourage us all to be more body positive, I previously discussed some of the negative things we think about our bodies. I talked about things we should stop thinking about our boobs. Now, I want to talk about body hair.

Body hair is a completely normal thing. The vast majority of people who go through puberty will have it. It’s not something you have to remove or feel ashamed about it. If you want to remove it, it should be your choice and not something that you feel pressured into by bae, the media, your friends, or anyone else.

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I know that it can sometimes be hard to love your body hair if you’re going through puberty or you think you’re hairier than everyone else. But, I want you to learn to love your body in all forms. In light of that, here are six things you need to stop thinking about your body hair RN.

That Your Body Hair Is Gross

I said it before, but I’m going to say this again: Body hair is completely normal. When you reach puberty, it’s practically guaranteed that you will get body hair unless you have a condition like alopecia. There is nothing gross about body hair. It doesn’t matter the color, texture, or amount of hair. Got it? I know it might seem like a big ask to learn to love your hair but try to embrace it.

That You Need To Shave It All Off

You do not have to shave your body hair. There’s nothing wrong with going au naturel. It’s an option as much as shaving, waxing, plucking, or sugaring. It’s your body, and it’s your choice what you want to do or not to do it. Don’t let anyone ever try to tell you that you’re gross for not removing hair. You’re not. It shows you’re comfortable in your body naturally, and the person could only wish to be like you.

That Your Body Hair Isn’t Normal

You might accept body hair as a normal thing, but do you think that the body hair you have isn’t? Do you stress that you’re hairier than other people or that you have hair growing in *weird* places? Hold up, girl, because this isn’t the kind of body-positive attitude you want to have. First, you might not know what those people’s natural body hair looks like. You could be seeing the waxed/bleached version. Secondly, everyone has different types of body hair, and you should learn to love what you have.

That No One Will Be Attracted To You For Having Some Hair

I’m being real here when I tell you that there are people out there who will love you exactly for who you are. And they will love every natural inch of you. If anyone ever tries to tell you that they don’t find your body hair attractive, kick them to the curb. You are a queen, and you shouldn’t be listening to people who have crazy ideas that body hair isn’t an attractive thing. The right person will love you and your body hair in all its forms.

That You Can’t Wear Certain Clothes Because Of Your Body Hair

Do you want to wear that low top but are worried that you’ll expose your lower back and you’re self-conscious about the hair there? Or, are you very self-conscious about sleeveless tops because they’ll show off your armpits, and you don’t like how they’re not perfectly smooth? That’s no way to live. Everyone will have clothes that they feel more comfortable in than others, but you shouldn’t let your body hair dictate your wardrobe. If you love something, wear it. If your body hair is visible, so what? It’s natural.

That You Need To Remove All Of Your Pubic Hair

I’m getting specific with this one because pubes are one area that can make people think a lot of negative things. There is nothing wrong with having a full bush. In fact, it’s actually good for your vag because the hair serves as a protective barrier. What’s more, shaving, waxing, plucking, and bleaching aren’t the kindest things to your vagina. They’re painful, they can cause irritation down there, and treatments can leave a dent in your wallet. So, learn to love the hair that grows down there.

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