When it comes to body hair on women, there are lots of societal norms and taboos involved. Do you shave, wax, thread, or just let it be?

How Do You Deal With Body Hair?
Hey Fellow Females, How Do You Deal With Body Hair? (Photo: Instagram/yashaanina).

Hey ladies, let’s talk about a topic not everybody loves to discuss, but it’s a day-to-day part of nearly all our lives: body hair. In light of the recent and totally awesome dyed underarm hair trend, I thought it would be a great time to discuss how we all deal with our follicular bodily coverings. Namely, if you remove it and, if so, how?

Whether you have random unwanted facial hair that you can’t ever seem to get rid of or lengthy leg hair that you’re super proud of, every woman has different feelings towards her own non-head hair. Female body hair has a depressingly sexist history, with outlets continuously motivating women to base their decisions around how men feel about it more than their own feelings, often leading to women waxing, shaving, and doing other techniques to get rid of body hair that they might not even dislike. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, some women are told that they’re “supposed” to look “natural” for men, so they wind up not doing what they would prefer. In reality, your choice is your own, so let’s talk about what each of us does!

Personally, this is my current routine, though it changes year-to-year. Get ready for me to get a little personal, folks:

  • Legs: I shave them when I’m going to be wearing tights or knee socks because they’re really itchy if I don’t. Otherwise, I probably go 1 – 2 months without shaving most of the time.
  • Pubic: Remember that “full bush Brazilian” we discussed a while back? That.
  • Brows/general face: Threading! Threading forever nowadays.
  • Arms: I shave them every single day.
  • Underarms: I shave them daily.

How do you deal (or not deal!) with your body hair? Whether you feel like sharing a lot or a little about your routine, we wanna hear it, so tell us in the comments!

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