A South Korean salon has introduced the futuristic-looking “wire nails” trend to the world, and it’s pretty freaking cool.

Unistella Salon out of South Korea has been single-handedly responsible for bringing some seriously standing-ovation-worthy nail trends to the table. TBH, we still have hearts in our eyes from the glass nails they blessed our lives with. However, the latest mani style to come out of founder Eun Kyung Park’s salon is the most futuristic one we’ve seen so far, and if we go by this, the future is looking pretty damn cool.

“Wire nails” is the seriously chic, totally practical trend we are looking for in 2023. Park created the look by forming shapes (cuticle accents, abstract art, pointed nail tips, etc.) with a thin, gold wire, telling Marie Claire that was a nod to the neon sign. (Which we could totally see!) The clear polish means no chipping, so the look will last, and the adorable factor means we won’t ever want it to come off!

Looking to DIY the trend? Before beginning, Parks advises, “Keep in mind that since it’s a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn’t get caught in clothes.”

To create your own wire nails, use tweezers to form the wire into the desired shapes. Once it’s manipulated to your liking, stick the wire on top of wet, clear gel nail polish and let it set under a UV light. To finish, swipe on a top gel coat to keep it in place, and voila! You’ve totally nailed the season’s biggest trend yet. (Lol, not sorry.)

Check out some of Instagram’s best for inspiration!

If clear nails aren’t your thing, try adding a bold base color for an extra wow factor.

With their sleek, futuristic vibe, wire nails are the on-point manicure trend to try this season. Whether opting for subtle shapes or bold accents, the possibilities are endless for customizing this look. The practical wire application ensures long-lasting style. As demonstrated by stunning examples on Instagram, wire nails are quite literally the shape of chic things to come in the manicure world.

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