A Set for a Beginner Manicure Master

Starting a conversation about the manicure business, you should first indicate what is needed for a novice master and what skills he must acquire before he begins to practice manicure in practice.

The first thing to remember is that before you open your own nail business, you should take a course to acquire basic skills in processing nails and working with the appropriate tools and equipment. You can take such training both at special courses (ads on the Internet about manicure training can be found quite easily) and with an already experienced master. In any case, you will have to invest time and money in the educational process. But it should be remembered that all the funds invested in training will pay off many times after opening your own business because the better the work is done, the more new customers will come to your workshop.

The basic thing you need to know

Speaking about what is needed for a beginner manicure master, it should be noted the most important skills such as:

What you need to know and be able to

  • ability to work with a manicure hand tool;
  • ability to work with an electric manicure tool (if it is supposed to be used);
  • ability to use nail cosmetics;
  • knowledge of the structural features of the nail and the principles of its processing;
  • knowledge of the basic rules of hygiene, processing, and sterilization of working tools.

What tools and materials to buy

Starting a manicure business without an appropriate set of tools and equipment will not work in any way. The first thing worth buying is a manual manicure tool and electrical appliances. First of all, you need:

  • manicure scissors – to give the primary shape to the nails;
  • nail file – for fine filing;
  • sticks and “pushers” – to push back the cuticle;
  • special scissors for cutting the cuticle – the purpose is clear from the name;
  • buff (emery file) – for “polishing” the nail;
  • brush – for sweeping the resulting dust;
  • dip powder;
  • drill – for mechanical filing of nails.

The next thing you may need in the very first place is, of course, cosmetics kits. They must include:

  • degreasers (better if they come with a set) – for degreasing the surface of the nail and preparing it for applying varnish;
  • base – the primary coating applied to the nail for better adhesion with gel polish;
  • colored gel polish (for starters, red of various shades, black and “flesh” will be enough);
  • top – lacquer fixer. It is applied over the varnish layer and protects it from scratches and chips.

The longer your home salon will work, the more wishes from customers about the possible color scheme of nails you will receive, which means that your set of manicure cosmetics will slowly grow.

Classic pedicure stand

Speaking about the necessary equipment of the workshop, one cannot fail to mention the need to purchase various consumables, for example, disposable napkins, towels, and much more (if hardware filing of nails is carried out, then you should not forget about buying various abrasive stones for a manicure drill).

In order for your workshop to have a more solid appearance, and it was convenient to work in it, you need to take care of the lighting. It is recommended to install both good ceiling lights and local lamps to direct the light to the desired point. In addition, to sterilize instruments, you will also need to purchase ultraviolet sterilizer boxes that work on the principle of a quartz lamp (you should also always have Bacilol AF in the office for additional sterilization). From other electrical equipment, it is good to have soft spectrum ultraviolet lamps designed for quick drying of nails.

Finishing the equipment of the workshop at home, you should pay attention to the furniture. Of course, at the very beginning, especially if the clients are good friends, you can also do a manicure on a regular chair. But in the future, you should definitely buy comfortable chairs – for the client and the master, as well as a working manicure table.

Of the additional equipment that facilitates work and makes it more comfortable, we note a special palm rest and a manicure fan (in some cases, both of these items can be combined in one).

How to train a skill?

As we have already said a little higher, in order to obtain not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge, it will be very good to undergo appropriate training. At the courses, a novice master will be able not only to learn how certain tools and technological methods are used, but he will also be able to try them out in practice. In the future, the improvement of skills will take place in the process of the work itself – no one says that the first orders will be executed absolutely perfectly, but the clients, in this situation, are most often relatives and close friends. The fee for work in this case is also taken at a minimum. In the future, as the skill grows and the acquisition of new customers, the income received from high-quality services will also grow.

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