Snow globe nails are a festive manicure trend that involves crafting a dome out of gel polish and gluing it to the nail’s surface. The dome is then filled with glitter or other decorations, such as snowflakes.

Remember the days when painting your nails involved nothing more than a lick of nail polish? You were seen as very creative if you tried anything besides red, pink, or nude nail polish.

Nowadays, there is no limit to what we can do with our nails. It seems like every time we scroll through our Instagram feeds, and there is some innovative new design to try out.

We’ve seen nails that look like shattered glass without any of the sharp ends and manicures made with fur. And how could we forget last year’s bubble nails?

If you’re wondering what could possibly be next, we have an answer for you: snow globe nails.

Snow globe nails (or water globe nails, as they are sometimes called) are a look that is especially popular in Asia. They are also a close cousin of aquariums’ nails.

Aquarium nails featured two pieces of acrylic that were glued together and filled with water. You were free to add whatever else you wanted in your mini “aquarium.”

Snow globe nails follow the same principle, but you create a round, snow globe-like shape using gel nail polish.

The sphere is then filled with the liquid, sparkles, and teeny-tiny characters of your choice. Think of it as nail diamonds on steroids.

What Is The Snow Globe Nails Manicure Trend?
(Photo: Instagram/_Kokop3lli)

Snow globe nails, like many other manicure trends, may not be the most practical thing for everyday use. They may not shed as much as fur nails, but they could potentially leak.

Also, it will be hard to do anything precisely if you have a few tiny snow globes sticking out of your nails.

If you’re going to try the trend, opt for one or two “snow globes” on your hands. You’ll still get the look, but you will actually still be able to use your hands. As many people do, mix your snow globe designs with other nail art styles like animal print, stripes, and floral designs.

snow globe nail designs
(Photo: Instagram/ShirleyNailss)

Of course, snow globe nails would have been perfect in the colder months, but don’t let the fact that it is summer put you off trying them. Just add a summer touch to your design.

Instead of snowflakes and a Christmas tree, you can try flowers, bright colors, and leaves. The possibilities are endless. You can even try a Fourth of July snow globe manicure theme. A word of advice: Get started on it now.

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