Signs That You Love Nail Polish
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Some people cannot pry a red lipstick bullet out of their hands, while others lose their minds when they cannot find their tube of mascara. You are not like those people. Sure, you love mascara and lipstick–especially if it is a bold color–but nail polish is hands down your favorite beauty product. You love everything about it, from the nude shades to the dark polishes, and you could troll the internet for hours looking up nail art ideas.

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These are the signs that you have a nail polish obsession:

1. The only time your nails are bare is when you are removing your old nail polish to apply a fresh coat.

You don’t really know what your natural nails look like. The only time you ever see them is between polish applications. You would be more interested in them if they were naturally a cool color like lime green or cobalt blue.

2. Painting your nails is as essential as brushing your teeth.

You definitely would not slack on brushing your teeth, and the same goes with painting your nails. It’s not that you are high maintenance. You enjoy painting your nails, and you would feel naked if you didn’t wear any nail lacquer. It would be like leaving the house without pants.

3. You could write a dissertation about different nail polish brushes.

If you paint your nails on a regular basis, you should know that all nail polish brushes are not created equal. You know how each one performs, and you discover ones that have quirks. You have so much info that you could write 5,000 words if someone handed you a pen right now. That’s not even including all of the nail art brushes.

4. Storage space for your nail polish collection is a legitimate problem.

When you say you don’t know where to keep your nail polish, you aren’t just saying it as a joke. You’ve filled up the bins long ago, and now you are always finding random nail polish bottles everywhere. You would buy one of the nail polish racks they have at the drugstore if you could.

5. You find the smell of nail polish to be comforting.

Even people who paint their nails on a regular basis still screw up their noses when they open up a bottle of nail polish. Not you. You find it weirdly comforting. It almost has a calming effect on you, like a lavender candle. It’s not like you would want a perfume that smells like nail polish, but there’s something about it that draws you in.

6. You lost your mind when you found of Nails Inc. had launched a spray-on nail polish.

SPRAY-ON NAIL POLISH!!! What is there to say?! You went crazy when they created leather nail polish, and you shed a few tears when you saw the Christian Louboutin nail polish, but this was different. This is the future of nail polish, and you need about five bottles ASAP.

7. You believe there is no wrong place to touch up your manicure.

If your manicure is chipped, you are going to fix it. You usually have at least two bottles of nail polish in your purse, so you have no problem busting one out to fix a chip. You always try to be discreet, especially if you’re in a public spot, like the train, but the smell has been known to give you away.

8. You could talk about the best topcoats and base coats as much as your favorite nail polish colors.

A good base coat and top coat are key. You always wear a base coat and topcoat, and you take as much care with choosing the right ones as you do picking out your nail polish colors. If you pick a crappy one, it will ruin your entire manicure.

9. You do not get how anyone can say that naked nails area trend.

Naked nails are not a trend; they are nothing. That’s like saying that eating air is the latest food trend. It doesn’t make any sense. You can understand the nude nail polish trend because there are at least products involved but naked nails? Pah.

10. You have painted your nails so often that your wrong hand is as steady as your dominant one.

When you paint your nails at least once a week, your skills quickly improve. You could even paint your nails with your eyes closed. However, you wouldn’t do that because you wouldn’t want to risk spilling any precious nail polish.

11. You believe there is no such thing as owning too many black nail polishes.

People who say that you need only one bottle of each nail polish color do not understand the great variety there is on the market. If you just take black nail polish, there are countless different varieties. The untrained eye may not be able to see them, but you do.

12. There is nothing more infuriating than a smudged manicure. Nothing.

You are soooooo careful about smudging your nails and wait at least 30 minutes before you do anything with your hands. Therefore you go crazy if you see even the slightest smudge on your nails. The absolute worst is painting your nails at night and waking up to see that your blankets have left little imprints on them.

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