These days, nail polish comes in endless colors and styles. However, one thing it still lacks that could make it even more attractive and fun to use is the breathable feature.

Breathable nail polish has already been around for quite some time now. However, many people still need to hear about it or are still determining what makes it different from traditional nail polish and whether they should use breathable nail polish over standard nail polish.

To clear up all confusion, we have listed the top 7 reasons your nails need breathable/halal nail polish.

What is a Breathable Nail Polish?

An important question often asked is ‘’What is halal nail polish’’ or ‘’What is breathable nail polish’’? First of all, they’re the same. Breathable nail polish is an excellent alternative to traditional nail polish. Breathable nail polish is made up of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can damage your nails.

It also contains bamboo extract, which acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, preventing bacteria from growing on your nails. And it’s formaldehyde-free, so there’s no risk of developing cancer! The best part about breathable nail polish is it lasts twice as long because it doesn’t dry out or chip like traditional nail polishes.

Reasons Why Your Nails Need Breathable Nail Polish

Nails are a part of your body and must be cared for like any other body part. You wouldn’t walk around with sores on your feet or ankles, so why put up with the same thing happening to your nails? Breathable nail polish is a great way to keep your nails in shape.

Here are some reasons why breathable nail paints should be your first choice:

1.   Strengthens Nails

If you’re going to be rocking your manicure for a while, you must also care for your nails. And while there are lots of things you can do to ensure they stay healthy, one of the most important is making sure they’re not suffocating under all that polish. When nail polish goes on too thick, it traps moisture and keeps oxygen from getting in—the result is brittle nails and smudged tips.

A breathable formula is formulated to allow air through the top coat, so you don’t have to worry about any adverse side effects from wearing long-lasting polish. You’ll also find that because this formula doesn’t trap moisture, your manicure will last longer than ever! It will go on smoother and dry faster. In addition, it won’t peel or chip. So if you want beautiful nails that won’t break down over time, try breathable nail polish!

2.   Prevents Yellowing

Breathable nail polish is a must. It will not only prevent your nails from yellowing but also provide your nails with the oxygen they need to stay healthy and grow. In addition, the natural nail care ingredients in breathable nail polish are gentle for your nails, keeping them healthy and moisturized.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about chipping or peeling because the formula protects your nails for up to two weeks with just one coat!

3.   Helps Nails Grow

Nails grow at the rate of 5-6mm per month, so providing them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong is essential. The nail plate comprises a protein called keratin, which requires various nutrients to work correctly. 

Some substances, such as water, can make nails brittle or fragile. A breathable polish will help to maintain a healthy environment for your nails and improve their condition.

4.   Quick Dry Time

Quick dry time can mean the difference between a 3-hour and a 15-minute manicure for nail polish. Of course, the faster your nails dry, the more chances you’ll have to show off your beautiful new color. So, how do you find out if your nail polish is quickly drying? Note how long it takes for your nails to be completely dry after one coat of polish.

Is there still moisture at the surface, or are they bone dry? If there’s still moisture on top of your nails, then the paint was not thoroughly dried before being covered with another layer, which will take significantly longer to cure.

Do You Want Fast Drying Time? If so, buy breathable nail polish containing ingredients like acetone and acrylic resins, which help speed up the curing process. Acetone evaporates quickly but leaves behind a thin film to seal in moisture. Acrylic resins harden when exposed to oxygen, giving your nails a longer, solid finish.

5.   Keeps Nails Hydrated

If you’re trying to find a nail polish that will keep your nails hydrated and healthy, it’s best to look for something with breathable ingredients. The two main ingredients in breathable nail polish are ethyl acetate and nitrocellulose.

Nitrocellulose is composed of cellulose, which retains moisture and keeps the skin from drying out. Ethyl acetate is an alcohol solvent that evaporates quickly, not to form an ugly residue. It also helps create a thin film over the nail’s surface, preventing bacteria from penetrating deep down into your nails.

6.   Prevents Nail Breakage

Nail polish is one of the most common beauty products, and with good reason – it can help to add a pop of color to your outfit, make your nails look professionally done, or make you feel more confident. However, not all nail polishes are created equal – certain types can actually be damaging to your nails.

The non-breathable type is one type of nail polish that is particularly bad for your nails. Non-breathable nail polish is known to increase the risk of breaking and splitting nails because it traps moisture against your skin and cuticles. With breathable nail polish, oxygen gets through and helps prevent this damage from occurring.

7.   Provides a Natural, Healthy Look

Breathable nail polish is not a new concept, but it’s one that has been gaining more attention lately. This type of nail polish works by allowing your nails to breathe and protecting them from pollutants and other contaminants.

You’ll also have fewer nail problems with breathable nail polish since it protects against moisture, which can lead to fungus or other infections on your fingernails. The final reason why this product is so beneficial for nails? It looks good! Breathable nail polish often gives the natural appearance that many people want when they paint their nails at home.

Bottom Line

Breathable nail polish is an innovative new product that allows your nails to breathe. It’s made of breathable ingredients, which let oxygen and moisture through to the nail plate. This ensures healthy nails and a natural manicure. A few other reasons that breathable nail polish is excellent are that it’s much easier to remove than regular nail polish, there is no toxic smell, and it doesn’t require any UV or LED lights for curing.

Mersi has the best breathable nail polish on the market! They have over 40 different colors, so you’re bound to find something you like. Plus, their products are effortless for professional and at-home applications. They won’t damage your nails as regular nail polishes do!

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