The Top Ten Reasons to Do a DIY Nail Polish
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There are thousands of different brands of nail polishes on the market, so why make your own? There are many reasons to DIY, but these ten are the most common. You can create your own unique colors that no one else has, you can make your own custom scents, and you can save money! Plus, you’ll have lots of fun in the process. Here are the top ten reasons to do a DIY nail polish!

No fumes

The fumes that come from some of your favorite nail polishes can cause respiratory issues and headaches, so it’s best to skip these strong, pungent chemicals altogether. If you’re looking for gorgeous nails, steer clear of polish with formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor. Formaldehyde has been linked to nasal cancer and DBP has been associated with endocrine disruption; both are known reproductive toxins. Camphor is another possible carcinogen. Instead, go for cosmetics without these ingredients or shop for natural brands like Zoya that use water-based solvents like ethanol or ethyl acetate instead of harmful chemicals.


If you’re always on the go, it can be difficult to find time for pedicures. With a bottle of polish and a set of glitter polish, though, you can do your nails at home whenever is convenient. Just spend ten minutes in front of your mirror, and you’ll have pretty toes! Not only will your feet look great; they’ll feel great too because you’ve taken time out of your day to pamper yourself. In addition, with inexpensive products (like Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure) available online or at mass retailers like Wal-Mart or Target, nail polish costs less than most other salon services.


The less money you spend on nail polish, the more money you have for your next purchase. Additionally, most high-end brands come in tiny bottles or set you back several dollars per coat (if you’re lucky). While that may be worth it if you never repeat your color selection, if nail polish is something you love and plan on frequently buying then it can save you money to do it yourself. You’ll also have no problem choosing your favorite shades and experimenting with new ones!

Time saver

You can make so many different nail polishes at home. The time you save from not having to go out and buy every polish available, not having to drive all over town to find a store that has it in stock, and waiting for it to be ordered for you means more time with your family, or getting other things done! No mess: You don’t have chemicals all over your house that are hard for kids or pets to get into. This makes it safe for everyone. Healthier alternative: If you do have little ones in your household, chances are they love playing with nail polish as much as any other kid does.

Easier on the mind

When you look down at your nails, do you like what you see? If so, count yourself lucky. Most people don’t feel that way. According to one survey by The Huffington Post, 64 percent of women feel insecure about their nails — so much so that they wish they could hide them in plain sight.

It’s hard not to think of how pretty other hands look when reading about a great manicure or seeing someone with an impeccable pedicure. When we spend time around people who have beautiful nails, we begin comparing ourselves — and coming up short.


Most women wear nail polish multiple times per week and as we all know, that means tons of harsh chemicals getting dumped into landfills at an alarming rate. Harsh chemicals are also found in cheap nail polish which often chips within days of application. Because you can mix up your own colors and tweak other characteristics for specific results, natural polishes are much more sustainable than those sold commercially.

As one Redditor points out, You have control over how long it stays on, how thick or thin it will be, and what kind of texture (glossy or matte) it will have. You really can’t get that from just buying regular polish at a store.

Quality control

When it comes to products such as makeup, skincare, and hair care, you get what you pay for, said Jessica Ruiz, co-founder of Beautycounter. So if something is cheap — whether it’s from a local drugstore or from Target — that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s high quality.

If something does not work for you after using it multiple times, do not buy another product of that type; rather try out different brands and types until you find one you really like. For example, don’t purchase another black eyeliner pencil because you think that maybe yours isn’t any good, rather try out browns and blues until you find what works best for your style and your skin tone.


It can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to find a high-quality nail salon. It is often the easiest to do your own nails—it saves me money in addition to giving me flexibility. You can paint your nails on a day when you have nothing going on; you can take them off at night before bed and easily switch up colors throughout the week; if your schedule changes unexpectedly, it’s no big deal— you don’t have to go somewhere else for another mani/pedi. Having control over your schedule and money is always beneficial.

Get rid of toxins in your life

Paint is made up of chemicals that could be toxic if ingested. Avoid eating polish as much as possible by only wearing water-based polishes, which are free of toxins. These also dry quicker and are gentler on your nails. Other risks include breathing in fumes when applying, especially if you paint your nails while doing something else (i.e., reading or watching TV).

Choose nontoxic brands when possible and don’t do crafts with small children unless you’re prepared to have polish remover around! And, most importantly, remember that polish isn’t necessary for beautiful hands—and it can be damaging when used excessively. So try your best to stay away from all those pretty colors and stick with clear coats every once in a while!

Fun factor!

DIY is fun! And that’s one of its biggest advantages—you get to be creative and try out different shades and techniques. It’s easy: For some people, doing their own nails is almost like meditating. It’s relaxing! Plus, when you do your own nails, you don’t have to go somewhere or deal with anyone—you just sit down in front of your TV and get them done for an hour or so.

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