A fresh manicure is one of the things that may make you feel confident and attractive before an event or in general. It is one of the things where you do not just get to enjoy the outcome but also enjoy the process of getting your nails done. Relaxing in a comfortable nail salon with ambient music and your favorite magazine or scrolling through your phone is one of the best ways to get your nails done. However, you can also get fancy-looking nails at home. Yes, there are nail kits that you can use to get a manicure on your own at your home. However, it may require a lot of practice and patience to get it right. Here is a list of the eight prettiest nail polish kits of 2024.

Gel Nail Polish Kit
(Image courtesy: Unsplash).

1. Mylee full works gel polish kit.

If you are a fan of gel nails, you will love this polish kit from Mylee. The kit comes with a wide range of colors and consists of all things required for an at-home nail spa experience. Right from lint-free cloth, nail prep solution, glass nail file, gel remover, and top and base coats, the Mylee gel polish kit has it all. The gold digger and Hollywood twist are the two popular shades from the nail polish kit that most users talked about in their reviews. The kit also has an LED light.

2. SensatioNail gel nail kit nudes

Here’s one of the best nail gel kits for beginners. The SensatioNail gel nail kit is an ideal choice for people who like neutral nail shades. The kit may not include many things like the one mentioned above but has tools to get the job done. You would get two mini gel polishes, a translucent pink, and a sheer nude shade. The kit also accommodates an LED light, but you can only fit four of your fingers in it. That means curing the thumb separately. The nail kit is compact and affordable.

SensatioNail gel nail kit nudes
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3. Semilac starter set

Although the brand calls it a starter kit, everything about this nail polish kit is professional at its best. The lamp in the kit is large enough to fit your entire hand and comes with two different modes and a cooling fan. The nail kit is also highly customizable since you can choose three colors from a wide range of pastels, neons, glitters, and reds. You also get a buffer, nail file, and lots of wooden nail sticks in this nail kit. Users mention that this nail kit is high quality and dries well without smudging.

4. Modelones 7 colors gel nail polish kit.

Here’s another super cool gel nail polish kit. If you are a fan of white, beige, and pink shades, the nail kit is ideal for you. The kit offers those colors in many shades of neon, neutral, and highly pigmented glitter. Experiencing an at-home salon experience is possible with this nail kit, thanks to the various tools it has. The nail kit has everything from nail primer to cuticle pusher and trimmer.

Modelones 7 colors gel nail polish kit
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5. Vishine UV LED nail lamp gel nail kit.

If you want to try a gel French manicure, you should get your hands on the Vishine UV LED nail lamp gel nail kit. The wide brushes of this nail polish make for easy application, and the lamp has three timer settings. What’s interesting about this nail kit is the unusual combination of shades. You can expect a mix of grey, blue, and brown-toned pink shades in this kit. The French manicure stickers are offered in two designs, curved and straight. Isn’t that awesome?

6.   Le Mini Macaron gel manicure kit, cassis

As the name suggests, here’s a mini and compact gel manicure kit you can get your hands on. If you are a novice at manicures, this mini nail kit may be an ideal choice to practice. The compact light present in this kit can fit one finger at a time and is easy to carry. You also get a nail file, cuticle pusher, mini bottle of nail polish, and remover pads in this nail kit. The best part about this nail kit is that it’s quick and not time-consuming.

7.   Rio UV Gel Nail Extension Kit

Do you like your nails extra long or wish to try the XXL nail trend? If the answer to the former question is yes, you should check out the Rio UV Gel Nail Extension Kit. The kit comprises 100 tips, a grit file, a nail slicer, clear UV gel, sanding block, nail glue, application brush, and a cuticle pusher. The Rio UV Gel Nail Extension Kit is affordable, so you don’t have to burn your pockets getting this unique nail kit.

Rio UV Gel Nail Extension Kit
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8.   Manucurist green flash gift set

If you are a vegan, you will love this next gel nail polish kit on the list. Besides being compact and high quality, the Manucurist green flash gift set is plant-based. The manufacturers use vegan formulas, and the product is a mix between a gel and a polish. Removing the nail polish is relatively easy using the nail polish remover. The kit features a UV light, top, base, two colors of customer choice, and a nail polish remover. Overall, this nail kit is easy to use, compact and plant-based.

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the best nail polish kits of 2024. Hopefully, the article helps you pick the best nail kit. Remember, patience is the key to achieving a great manicure at home. Nevertheless, with the nail kits mentioned above, you can have a nail spa experience at home.

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