You don’t need to use 9 different colors of nail polish to create a pretty manicure. These easy monochrome manicures are fab.

Monochrome Manicures That Don't Require 9 Different Colors
(Photo: Instagram/the_gelbottle_inc).

There are lots of amazing, complicated nail art ideas that will amaze all of your friends and Instagram followers. However, there are lots of gorgeous manicures that don’t require 12 different color nail polishes, professional nail kits, a very steady hand, and 4 hours of your weekend. A monochrome mani can make just as strong of a statement as any elaborate multicolored design.

Check out 18 monochrome manicure ideas that don’t require 10 different colors of nail polish:

1. Pink Color-Blocking

Pink Squares Nail Art

If you can’t get a straight line, even with the help of tape, why not make it a wavy one? The effect is still the same.

2. Beige Ombré

Ombre Beige Nail Art

You can recreate this with only two nail polish colors. Blend them together to get as many different shades as you desire.

3. Neutral Grid

Neutral Grid Nail Art

This is actually done with a stamp, but you could easily recreate this with a fine brush or a toothpick.

4. Two-Tone Stars

Two Tone Stars Nail Polish

You don’t need to add the stars, but a bit of bling never hurts.

5. Leopard

Leopard Nail Art

You can’t go wrong with a classic leopard print, especially with a sparkly gold background color.

6. Blue Tips

Blue Tips Nail Art

You can paint the base color a very light blue, or leave it nude, as shown here.

7. Gray Chevrons

Gray Chevrons Nail Art

If you’re not big on bright nail colors, this deep gray chevron design is an easy and chic idea.

8. Pink Water Marble

Pink Marble Nail Art

This looks super complicated, but it’s all about the blending. Don’t be scared to ruin it; you won’t.

9. Giraffe

Giraffe Nail Art

Cheetah and zebra prints are fun, but there are lots of other pretty animal prints, like this giraffe version.

10. Gray Houndstooth

Gray Houndstooth Nail Art

Doing this houndstooth print freehand will take awhile, but it is well worth it. Make it easier on yourself by increasing the size of the print.

11. Black French Manicure

Black Matte Nail Art

This is the vampy version of your French manicure. The mix of the shine and matte polishes works so well.

12. Geometric Neutrals

Geometric Neutral Nail Art

The white line makes the neutral tones and black pop.

13. Gradient Gray

Gradient Gray Nail Art

This ombré design looks very impressive, but it’s very easy to do. You don’t have to worry about making any precise shapes, just apply the two colors and blend, blend, blend.

14. Mixed Animal Prints

Mixed Animal Print Nail Art

There are so many different nail art designs that you can just do with animal print. This mixed matte print is a unique take.

15. Purple Strokes

Purple Feathers Nail Art

You don’t have to worry about being precise with your lines. Just try to keep them fine, and use as many different colors as you can.

16. Gray Polka Dots

Gray Polka Dots Nail Art

Choose your favorite color and replicate this design. Tip: The end of a bobby pin makes good circles.

17. Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes Nail Arts

This is a cool twist on a gradient design. Try swapping the color order for a completely new look.

18. Orange Polka Dot Marble

Orange Marble Nail Art

This is the perfect fall manicure. If you don’t feel like painting turkeys on your nails for Thanksgiving, this is a good option.

(Images via Pinterest).

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