Purple nail polish is poised to be one of the biggest manicure trends for 2024. Unlike more seasonal shades that come and go, purple is a universally flattering color that looks great on most skin tones. From pale lavender to deep eggplant, purple nails are elegant, playful, and sexy. Keep reading to discover the hottest purple nail designs you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024.

Most On-Trend Purple Nail Polish Shades for 2024

Hand with mixed purple nail designs, featuring glitter, sequins, and delicate swirl patterns.

When it comes to purple nail polish, there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. Here are some of the most popular purple nail colors that will be huge in 2024:

  • Lilac – A light, airy purple with a pink undertone. Essie’s “Lilacism” is a top pick.
  • Lavender – A soft, delicate purple, almost pastel. OPI’s “Lavendurable” is perfect lavender.
  • Wisteria – A medium, bright purple, like the color of wisteria flowers. Zoya’s “Ziv” is a beautiful wisteria purple.
  • Plum – A deeper purple with blue undertones. Revlon’s “Royal” is a plum purple standout.
  • Eggplant – A dark, rich purple that looks like the skin of an eggplant. Try OPI’s “Big Apple Red” for a true eggplant shade.
  • Vampy – A deep purple so dark it’s nearly black. DND’s “Vampire Blood” is an iconic vampy purple.

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In addition to purple polish, new nail art techniques will make manicures more fun and interesting. Here are some of the coolest ways to incorporate purple nail designs for 2024:

  • Geometric Shapes – Use purple to paint triangles, lines, dots, and other graphic shapes over a neutral base.
  • Minimalist Designs – A simple purple accent nail, French tip, or half-moon design keeps it clean and modern.
  • Abstract Purple Patterns – Get creative with purple swirls, squiggles, and abstract shapes.
  • Ombre Purple – Gradating from light to dark purple is a big trend. Also try purple to white ombre.
  • Marbleized Nails – Mix purple and white polish together using a dotting tool for a marbleized mani.
  • Galaxy Nails – Paint your nails black, then add purple galaxy elements like stars and swirls. Out of this world!
  • Graduated Colors – Start with light purple on the base of your nail and slowly blend darker purples towards your tip.
  • White Tip & Purple Base – Add pop with a bright white tip and vibrant purple base. Classic yet fresh.

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Cute & Girly Purple Nail Design Ideas for 2024

Hand showcasing stiletto nails with a reflective purple chrome and geometric design.

For short nails, popular cute purple designs include pastel purples with white tips or floral accents and light purples with glitter or rhinestones.

On medium length nails, dark ombre fades, geometric glitter patterns, and gold foil overlays will be trendy.

Long nails can pull off bold solid vampy purples or elegant florals on dark backgrounds.

Overall girly purple nail designs include metallic and holographic iridescent finishes, creative cracked glass or marble textures, and mixing mattes with shimmery glitters and embellishments.

Want a manicure that’s super feminine and fun? These cute purple nail ideas are trending for 2024:

  • Unicorns – What’s more girly than unicorns? Paint them in pastel purples and don’t forget the glitter!
  • Flowers – Adorable purple florals painted or stamped on accent nails.
  • Butterflies & Bows – Butterfly and bow nail art in purple is oh-so-sweet.
  • Glitter Accent Nails – A touch of purple glitter makes everything better.
  • Hearts – Tiny purple hearts or one big heart on your accent finger.
  • Polka Dots – Playful purple dots on a nude base are totally on trend.

Edgy & Bold Purple Nail Designs

For short nails, popular edgy purple designs include dark colors with silver studs or rhinestones, abstract geometric shapes, and matte purples with gold foils.

Medium length nails can pull off deep purple lace stamps, holographic purple tips, marbleized looks, and ombre fades.

Long nails look great in vampy solids, purple-blue duochromes, and graphic line designs with rhinestone accents.

Overall edgy purple nail designs include mixing mattes and metallics, adding glittery embellishments, utilizing stamping and ombre techniques, and playing with different textures like cracked and grooved effects.

If you want an edgier, more daring manicure, these bold purple nail ideas deliver:

  • Dark Vampy Purples – Deepest plums and eggplants make for a sultry gothic look.
  • Metallic Chromes – Futuristic chameleon purples reflect rainbow colors.
  • Matte Purples – Matte polishes in dark purple hues are ultra cool.
  • Animal Prints – Try cheetah, zebra, or snake prints in metallic purple.
  • Chrome Purple Flames – Chrome powder and nail vinyls create fiery accent nails.
  • Geometric Shapes – Sharp lines, triangles, and graphic prints in bold purple.

Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Purple Nails

Close-up of hands with shiny pastel purple manicured nails in oval shape.

Painting your nails a flawless purple is easy when you follow these steps:


  • Start with clean, dry nails filed into your desired shape (square, almond, etc.)
  • Apply a dehydrator and primer to prep the nails
  • File into desired nail shape; oval and almond shapes are trendy.
  • Push back cuticles gently with a wooden stick.
  • Buff surface for polish adhesion.

Base Coat

  • Apply a thin layer of base coat to protect nails. Let dry.
  • This creates a smooth foundation for the color

Purple Color Application

  • For a solid color, do 2 coats of your chosen purple for full coverage, curing in between
  • Make sure polish is dry between coats.
  • For ombre, paint on gradients of light to dark purple, blending well
  • For glitter or embellishments, apply these over the base purple color

Top Coat

  • Finish with 1-2 layers of a glossy gel top coat, curing after each layer
  • For a matte effect, use a matte top coat instead
  • Top coats help seal and protect the manicure

Accent Nails

  • Get creative with patterns, glitter, stamps, striping tape, etc. on accent nails.


  • Use cuticle oil daily to hydrate nails and skin.
  • Reapply top coat every 2-3 days to refresh shine and prevent chipping.

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Purple nail designs are the height of fashion in 2024. With so many gorgeous shades and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect purple mani! Show off your creativity and style with fun purple nail art. Which purple nail trend are you most excited to try next year?

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