Korean gel nail polish is known for its high-quality, strong pigmentation, and durability. It can last for over 21 days with proper application. Korean gel nail polish offers a wide range of colors and finishes. It is highly pigmented, durable, and made with high-quality, safe ingredients. It is a popular choice for both professionals and DIY nail enthusiasts.

Korean gel polishes are renowned worldwide for their advanced formulas, trend-setting colors, and quality ingredients. Brands like OPI and Essie have taken inspiration from K-beauty nail trends. Read on to discover the top Korean gel nail polish brands. Also, find the best application tips, popular trends, and FAQs. With the right Korean gel polish, you can achieve flawless, salon-quality nails from the comfort of your home!


Assorted Korean gel nail polish colors in almond-shaped manicure on female hand.

The available colors are diverse. They range from black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, and grey. There are also multi-colored options. Korean gel nail polish is also available in different finishes. These include creme, glitter, and neon.

Price Range

The price range varies depending on the brand and the specific product. For instance, prices on Beyond Polish range from $14.00 to $28.00. On Amazon, you can find sets of 6 colors for $9.99 or 24 colors for $27.99.


Korean gel nail polish is known for its intense pigmentation and high-quality formulation. It is often offered in brush-on bottle form. Some Japanese gels are provided in potted form. Korean gel nail polish is also known for its thicker consistency. It is similar to syrup, meaning fewer coats are needed for application.

Korean gel nail polishes undergo rigorous safety tests. They are all cosmetic-grade, like skincare products.

They incorporate advanced technology. They also use high-quality ingredients that promote nail health and minimize damage.

The Best Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands

Korea is known for innovation in beauty and nail trends. Some of the most popular Korean gel nail polish brands include Estemio, Gentle Pink, Kenzico, Nail Bayo, Very Good Nail, TINY, F Gel, Fiote, DGEL, Jello Jello, and Bandi. These brands are known for their high-quality, strong pigmentation, and durability. They offer a wide range of colors and finishes. Their products often have cute and eye-catching packaging.

Some of the best Korean gel nail polish brands include:

  1. Gentle Pink: A popular Korean brand known for their cute and eye-catching packaging, highly pigmented colors, low odor, and thick consistency.
  2. Kenzico: Another Korean brand carried by online nail supply stores. Their gel polishes come in a wide range of finishes like creme, glitter, and neon.
  3. Bandi: Mentioned for their amazing glitters that require a base coat. Their polishes are available from online international nail supply stores.
  4. From the Nail: A Korean brand praised for high quality gel polishes. Sold by distributors like Bonnie Bee Nail and Zillabeau.

Some key online stores that ship Korean gel polishes internationally include:

  • Sweetie Nail Supply
  • Bonnie Bee Nail
  • Zillabeau
  • Sleek Nail

Popular Korean gel brands include Gentle Pink, Kenzico, Bandi, and From the Nail. They are reputable. They can be purchased from various online international nail supply shops. These shops focus on Korean beauty products.

Assorted Korean gel nail polishes on marble with flowers in soft natural light.

Achieve Salon-Quality Nails with the Top Korean Gel Polishes

Korean gel nail polish has become a huge sensation. It delivers long-lasting, chip-free manicures with scintillating shine. Unlike regular polish, gel polish is cured under UV or LED light. This creates an ultra-hard, durable finish that can last 2-3 weeks without chipping or smudging.

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What is Korean Gel Nail Polish?

Gel manicures involve applying a base coat. Then, adding colored gel polish layers. Finally, finishing with a top coat. Each layer is cured under a UV or LED lamp. This hardens the polish and creates a smooth, chip-resistant finish.

Benefits of gel nail polish include:

  • Long lasting – lasts 2-3 weeks without chipping or smudging
  • Chip resistant – hard gel finish prevents chips and dents
  • Shine – glossy finish without the need for top coat
  • Durable – withstands daily activities without scratches
  • Wide range of colors – from nudes and neutrals to bright colors

Korean gel tends to be high quality with:

  • Advanced formulas that deliver intense color and mirror shine
  • Cutting edge nail art trends not found elsewhere
  • Natural ingredients to nourish and strengthen nails
  • Popular K-beauty finishes like chrome, holographic, and ombre

With the right techniques, you can achieve stunning, long-lasting Korean gel manicures from home!

People love them for their quality, unique colors, and luxe finishes.

How to Apply Korean Gel Nail Polish at Home

Applying Korean gel nail polish at home involves several steps. Using the right products can help you achieve a professional-looking result. With the right tools and technique, you can easily achieve gorgeous Korean gel manicures at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Prep Nails

Push back and trim cuticles, shape nails, remove shine with nail prep/dehydrator. Start by cleaning your nails with nail polish remover to remove any old polish, dirt, or oil. Then, shape your nails with a nail file and push back your cuticles.

Step 2 – Base Coat

Apply thin layer of gel base coat to all nails and cure in LED/UV lamp for 30-60 seconds. This helps the gel polish adhere better to your nails and prevents staining. Make sure to cure the base coat with a UV or LED light before proceeding.

Step 3 – Color Coats

Apply 1-2 thin coats of Korean gel polish color, curing each coat for 30-60 seconds. Apply the Korean gel nail polish in thin coats. Korean gel tends to be on the thicker side, requiring one to two coats at max for full coverage. Cure each coat with a UV or LED light before applying the next.

Step 4 – Top Coat

Finish with a gel sealant or top coat layer, cure again. This seals in the color and gives your nails a glossy finish. Again, make sure to cure the top coat with a UV or LED light.

Step 5 – Oil & Moisturize

Massage cuticles with oil or cuticle cream. Use a gentle nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes. After your nails are done, apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nails. To care for your gel nail polish, avoid contact with water and harsh chemicals, such as acetone or alcohol.

Tips for Salon Quality Results:

  • Keep coats thin – thick coats won’t cure properly
  • Avoid lamp exposure to skin – use UV protecting gloves
  • Cap the free edge – run polish over the tip of nails
  • Use an acetone-based remover – avoid peeling off gel polish
  • Abide by lamp times – undercuring causes chips/smudges

With practice, you can get long lasting, professional quality gel manicures without leaving home!

Recommended Products:

Several Korean gel nail polish brands are recommended for achieving the Korean gel nail trend:

  1. DGEL Galaxy Collection – 6 Magnetic Color Set
  2. Jello Jello One Kill Peel Off Set
  3. Hoholee Petit Embossing Gel
  4. Kenzico Gel Polish Malrang Summer Syrup Series Collection
  5. Nailbayo- Doi Nudi Syrup Gel Set

Tips for Beginners

  • Korean gel nail polish is usually thicker than regular gel polish. You might need fewer coats for full coverage.
  • Always cure each coat of polish with a UV or LED light before applying the next one.
  • Avoid peeling or picking at the polish, as this can damage the nail.
  • When you want to remove the nail polish, use a gentle nail polish remover. Use one specifically made for gel nail polish.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts don’t turn out as expected. With time and practice, you’ll be able to create beautiful Korean gel nails at home.

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The Hottest Korean Gel Nail Polish Trends

Array of colorful Korean gel nail polish bottles in bright, natural light.

Korean gel polish is popular because it lets you recreate the hottest Korean nail art trends seen on K-pop stars and runways.

  • Chrome – Mirror-like chrome gel polish in silver, gold, rose gold and other shimmering metallic shades. Very futuristic!
  • Holographic – Duochrome or multichrome gels that shift colors for a mesmerizing holographic effect.
  • Ombre – Fading from dark to light colors in a subtle or vivid ombre gradient.
  • 3D Embellishments – Playful 3D decor like bows, crystals and charms attached over gel polish.
  • Intricate Art – Complex nail art using gel polish, striping tape, rhinestones and more for an eye-catching manicure.

You can easily achieve these trendy nail styles with Korean gel polish. It would be hard to make them with regular polish!

Korean gel nail polish trends vary by season. Each season brings its own unique styles and color palettes.

Spring: The “Spring Haze” collection by SHOWME Korea is popular for Spring. It features shimmery, glittery shades that require 2-3 coats for full coverage. These colors are perfect for creating simple and sweet designs. They are great for pearly pastel French tips. Another trend is Chrome Nails, which provide a mirror-like shine. Floral Nails are another trend. They use warm, season-appropriate colors like rich green, bright coral, and fresh pink.

Summer: In summer, Korean gel nails often use soft color gradients. This makes the nails look unique and almost like ‘fine art.’ The DVOK Once in a Summer Collection is a popular choice.

Fall: Fall trends include Syrup Nails. They create a gradient effect using translucent nail colors. Also, Sheer Neutrals provide a sophisticated, clean look. Chrome and Metallic Finishes offer a shiny, mirror-like finish. Lastly, Jade Marble adds a luxurious twist to the classic marble design.

Winter: Winter trends include Cherry Cola, a darker version of classic red. Aura Clouds combines polishes in a creative way. New Neutrals elevate your polish with a different finish. Another trend is the Maillard Style. It combines trending colors with insights from fashion trends.

Syrup Nails, Diamond Nails, and High-Heel Nails are common trends across all seasons. Syrup Nails are a recurring trend. They have a gradient-effect design that “melts” from translucent layers.


Does the UV light used to cure gel polish cause damage?

Only if you expose skin to UV without protection. Always apply professional quality UV gloves when using a gel lamp. Nail skin is dense and not impacted by short exposure.

How long does Korean gel polish last compared to regular polish?

Gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks or more without chipping or smudging. Regular polish may last only 3-5 days before showing wear.

Is gel polish safe for natural nails?

Yes, as long as it is properly applied and removed. Avoid over-filing nails when prepping and use acetone (not peeling) to remove gels.

Is it hard to remove gel polish at home?

No! Just soak cotton pads in 100% acetone and wrap nails for 10-15 minutes. Gels will dissolve for easy removal. Avoid peeling gels off.

What’s the difference between gel and dip/SNS/shellac?

Gel is applied like polish and cured under a lamp. Dip powders are applied to a tacky layer and activated. SNS and shellac are brand names for gel polish systems.

K-Beauty Insider’s Top Gel Polish Picks

After testing tons of Korean gel polishes, here are my top recommendations:

Best Chrome – Missha Nail Polish in Luminous Chrome – A rich rose gold chrome with intense reflectivity.

Best Holographic – Laneige Two Tone Nail Bar in Mystic Silver – A sparkling blurple and blue multidimensional holographic.

Best Brights – Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Gel Nail Color in Mango Mousse – An opaque, creamy pastel orange creamsicle shade.

Best Glitter – Innisfree Gel Nail Polish in Glitter Silver – A fine glitter in cool tones that glides on smooth.

Best Dark Color – Mise En Scene Perfect Gel Nail in Midnight Agent – A deep shimmery oxblood that’s vampy yet professional.

Most Unique – Nature Republic Pro Touch Gel Nail in Fairy Bottle – A sheer purple packed with small iridescent glitters.

Achieve Stunning, Long Lasting Gel Manicures With Korean Polishes

Korean gel nail polishes make it possible to get stunning, salon-quality manicures from home. They last weeks without any chips, smudges, or dents. With renowned gel technology, nourishing formulas, and innovative colors, Korean brands like Missha, Laneige, and Aritaum have become the holy grail for gel polish lovers.

Follow the tips for applying and removing Korean gel manicures. This will help you get the best results. Take inspiration from the latest Korean nail art trends. Create dazzling chrome, holographic, ombre, and 3D embellished nails. There is now a wide range of brands and finishes available. It’s easy to achieve breathtaking Korean-style nails!

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