How to Make a Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer
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Some manicurists believe that if a client’s nail polish chips quickly, then they’ll be back in their chair sooner. But with so much competition in this field, a much better route is to take steps that will make your client’s manicure last longer. You’ll build client loyalty and quite a name for yourself if you can master the everlasting manicure.

Below you’ll find tips so you can do just that. A few simple tricks can make any manicure or pedicure a step above the rest.

1. Work With an Oil-Free Nail Bed

Work With an Oil-Free Nail Bed

One of the most important steps in making a nail service last longer is to remove any oils from the nail bed before applying polish. Oils from lotion used during the service, and even the natural oils on the nail, can interfere with the adhesion of the polish. You’ll end up with chipped nails before you know it if you don’t properly remove these oils.

Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and thoroughly wipe down the nail bed and around the cuticle.

2. Remove Polishes From Heat Sources

Remove Polishes From Heat Sources
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Often times when you walk into a nail salon, you’ll see the polishes displayed by a bright window so patrons will see it when they walk by. This may get clients in the door, but you may not know that you’re sabotaging their manicure in the process.

Heat and bright light can cause the nail polish to become thick and clumpy. If the polish goes on too thick, chips will happen more quickly. Not to mention thick, goopy polish is a complete pain to work with.

Consider moving the polish display to a place in the salon that doesn’t receive direct light. A cooler temperature area for your polishes will make them last longer, it’ll save the salon money, and your clients will definitely notice the difference in the longevity of their manicure.

This is also a great tip to share with your clients. People often keep nail polishes in their bathroom at home, but the heat from the shower can quickly break them down. Suggest that they keep their polishes in a cooler place like the fridge or a closet.

3. Glitter Nail Polish Last Longer Than Regular Polish

Glitter Nail Polish Last Longer Than Regular Polish

Glitter nail polish can be a complete pain to remove, and this is exactly why it lasts longer than other polish – this stuff doesn’t budge. Not to say glitter polish never chips, but if your client is going on vacation or they have an important event and want to maximize the wear of their manicure, then suggest using glitter or textured polish.

Glitter polish can be an especially good choice when going on vacation. Sand and sun can wreak havoc on nails, but the texture in the glitter will stand up to even the harshest elements.

4. Keep the Cuticle Hydrated

How do you hydrate cuticles?
How can I hydrate my cuticles at home?

Chips can often occur when the cuticle around the nail begins to dry out. Instruct your client to apply cuticle oil every day or every other day. I personally love Solar Oil; it will keep the cuticle hydrated and keep chips at bay.

Remember – It’s always a great idea to tell your client about the importance of aftercare and what they can do at home to make their manicure last longer. They’ll be grateful for the tips!

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