You don’t actually need to break any of your glassware to get super-glam glass nails!

Although it may look like a hazard for your hands, have no fear: glass nails only look like they use actual glass. This magnificent nail polish trend out of South Korea uses segments of cellophane that reflect the light in a way that gives it a shattered appearance.

Start with a normal base coat and a polish of your choice (or none at all!). To get the “broken” look, cut out tiny pieces of cellophane (you can find some in most craft stores) and place them on your nail in the pattern (or non-pattern) of your choice.

If that sounds like a lot of work, you can even opt for similar-looking stickers from your local drugstore (we won’t tell anyone!). To finish the mani, apply a top coat to keep everything in place. The final product is a little bumpy to the touch, but we promise this fabulous look will be worth it.

With choices between bold and subtle, DIY and salon-created, and your preference of backdrop color and cellophane pigment, you can personalize it as much as you’d like! Check out some of these looks for inspiration!

Cool, Edgy, and Sophisticated

Full On Glam

On Top Of Nude Nails

Just The Tips!

With A Dark Base Coat

Perfectly Broken Lines


The Daintiest Shattered Glass You’ve Ever Seen


As Bright As Your Future

Glass nails offer a fun, eye-catching take on manicures that is sure to turn heads. Whether going for a subtle, dainty look or embracing the full glam, shattered effect, this innovative trend puts a creative spin on nail art. The versatility and customization options allow for self-expression, while the simulated “glass” provides visual intrigue without real danger to your hands. As demonstrated by the stunning examples above, glass nails are the trend that will shatter all your expectations.

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