Are you looking for some amazing nail polish brands that give you a perfect look and stand up against animal cruelty? Then you’ve landed on the right page at the right time. As self-care is becoming increasingly important, people are embracing cruelty-free and vegan beauty products more than ever. And if there’s one thing every woman needs in her beauty arsenal, it’s reliable and super-cute nail polish.

Whether it’s subtle or bold, glossy or matte, various vegan nail polish brands have made their mark when it comes to gorgeous lacquers that are long-lasting and offer an array of shades to suit all skin tones. Below are some of the best vegan nail polish brands to help you get that perfect cruelty-free mani-pedi at home.

1. London Town

London Town has to top our list if we’re talking about the best vegan-friendly polishes today. Every London Town product is entirely plant-based and free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene. With over 400 colours in their range with excellent coverage quality, trust us; your nails deserve this level of love!

2. Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion may not be as famous as other names on our list, but they deserve recognition all around! Their cutting-edge formula contains rich minerals, making them fast-drying and chip-resistant whilst remaining beautifully shiny, which means this show-stopper lasts longer than any other brand we’ve tried.

3. Pacifica

If crystal healing rocks your boat, Pacifica will surely be your go-to Vegan nail polish brand! This eco-luxe line features stunning hues inspired by natural tones like seafoam green and coral pink that promise professional-standard longevity without harsh chemicals.

4. LVX

LVX will bring bold sophistication into your life. This high-fashion Vegan nail polish brand offers a unique array of couture-inspired shades while ensuring every product is always cruelty-free, vegan and 7-toxic-free. Here’s saying YES to alternatives other than the usual reds and nudes that remain popular in all seasons.

5. Ella + Mila

Featuring a fun, colourful range of polishes with delightful names like ‘Champagne Pop’ and ‘French Kiss’, this Californian-based brand delights even the most ardent animal lovers! Free from parabens, sulfates and fragrances; these beautifully pigmented lacquers glide on perfectly, leaving nails looking healthy yet chic.

6. Butter London

Butter London’s innovative approach towards developing its alternative to harsh chemicals sets them apart from the crowd. Thriving through an unmatched blend of natural & non-toxic ingredients blended with a sleek British edge attitude – you won’t get enough! Look out for products coined as “plush rush, ” which lift tired-looking nails extra.

7. UNT

UNT mixes modern technology with plenty of scientific research at its utmost commitment leaving people raving about their products – particularly amongst nail art enthusiasts – providing the perfect platform for creativity with amazing long-lasting gel finish formulas while offering non-harmful chemicals too!

8. NCLA Beauty

Small but mighty doesn’t even begin to cover it when we talk about NCLA’s vegan polish range! Bolder than bold statement colours are coupled with classic hues like reds, browns & pinks, ensuring every occasion is covered ~ whilst not only with zero toxins but also animal friendly!

A girl can never have what’s deemed as “too many” Vegan nail polishes, right? This list will ensure you’ll find all shades under one roof to enjoy cruelty-free beauty without compromising quality or style.

Final Thoughts:

You’d be surprised how small changes can make the world a better place – by purchasing and using cruelty-free and vegan beauty products; you are doing your bit. Also, these polishes look amazing on your nails! Sometimes the little things in life, like having perfect nails, uplift our entire mood!

With various Vegan nail polish brands bringing couture-worthy colours and shimmering finishes designed to acceptably last longer than ever, this list provides you with options aplenty. Go ahead, get creative with some luxe manicures!

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