Most Common Signs It’s Time for a Haircut

The decision to cut your hair can do one of two things: weigh on you for weeks or be an exciting thing you look forward to. While this decision is personal for many, other things factor into whether you’re in need of a cut or change. Here are some of the most common signs it’s time for a haircut that may help you if you are unsure.

You Put Your Hair Up As Often as You Can

There are many days when the time to do your hair doesn’t exist. And then, there are phases where the only thing you can manage is the sloppy topknot bun.

The more you wear this topknot, the more damage you may experience. If you catch yourself in this phase, it may be time to ring your stylist and schedule a cut to make your hair more manageable.

Split Ends Become Noticeable

The occasional split end is inevitable, and most go unnoticed if you’re in between your regular trips to the salon. But if you’re overdoing and begin to notice split ends, it’s time to schedule a haircut. The sooner you can trim your ends, the better off you will be from having to cut off multiple inches and change your hairstyle.

Heat Damage Is Taking Over Your Hair Health

Visible heat damage is one of the most common signs it’s time for a haircut. It can begin with split ends, but eventually, the body of your hair will appear dull, dry, and damaged.

Sometimes a deep conditioning treatment can revive some of its life, but a haircut is the best solution to start fresh and regrow your hair. If the damage results in a shorter haircut than you’re ready for, consider investing in a set of extensions to alleviate the significant change.

Your Hair Feels Lifeless

One of the most rejuvenating feelings is leaving the salon with a freshly cut set of locks. But a telltale sign you’re due for your next cut is when your hair begins to feel lifeless and fall flat. Typically, this isn’t something anybody will notice, but when you think your hair has become hard to manage, take that as a warning.

We tend to see the warning signs that we need a fresh cut. Understandably, trying to decide what to do can feel overwhelming and sometimes scary. Remember, hair health is essential, and that includes haircuts!

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