Moisturizing vs. Hydrating: Get to Know The Difference with Nature Republic

Moisture and hydration, two words that are being used interchangeably by many beauty companies for advertising purposes—they are both essential in keeping our skin healthy. Still, their meaning is far from the same. Most especially now that skincare is still a rising trend, consumers and enthusiasts should know the exact meaning and difference of these terms that beauty companies are taking advantage of.

If you are new to skincare, you might get confused with some terms, which is understandable. Korean skincare is one of the most famous skincare routines people loved. Still, their products can get confusing, especially if you are looking for a particular product for different skin types and skin issues. Usually, well-established beauty brands like Nature Republic offers products that both hydrate and moisturizes the skin. Those kinds of products are excellent for your daily skincare routine, but you still have to know what ingredients hydrate and moisturize for your knowledge as well.

Now, let’s get into their differences and other information you need to know to avoid falling into false advertisements and preventing yourself from using the wrong products for specific skin issues.

What is the difference?

Moisture and hydration serve different purposes to achieve one goal: to keep the skin healthy, soft, and plump. When it is about hydration, think about raisins. To make raisins, they extract all the water out of a grape. That wrinkly, sad appearance will turn to plump and youthful skin once it gets the water it needs. Like the raisin, our skin can also turn dull and wrinkly when it is dehydrated.

Once we provide hydration to the skin, moisturizers work to trap the water or the “moisture” to prevent transepidermal water loss. Some moisturizers even improve our skin’s moisture retention abilities. In simple terms, hydration refers to water, and moisture refers to oil. When your skin is dry, you need to use a moisturizer. While when your skin is dehydrated, you need to use hydrating products.

Do I need a moisturizer or a hydrator?

Your skin never lies. Whenever it needs anything, your skin makes sure to send you the signals to tend to these needs. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to recognize dehydrated skin from dry skin. Like what was mentioned above, when your skin looks starts to develop signs of premature skin aging and dullness, it is most likely that you need hydrating. However, if you are experiencing rough patches and flaking, it is an indication that your skin is unable to lock enough moisture on your skin.

What are examples of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients?

Hydrators are also called humectants. These humectants work by drawing moisture in our skin naturally. Ingredients such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and honey are some examples of natural humectants. Alpha hydroxy acid, a known exfoliator, is also a widely used humectant in most skincare products. These hydrating ingredients are usually safe for every skin type.

If you need a powerful hydrator, we recommend you check out Nature Republic’s Hyalon Active 10 Capsule Serum Special Set. It contains ten kinds of hyaluronic acid to deliver intense deep hydration to the skin.

On the other hand, moisturizing ingredients are in the forms of oils, ceramides, and butter. You will often find coconut oil, shea butter, and different types of ceramides in skin care products. Most of these ingredients carry various benefits aside from their moisturizing effects. Unlike most hydrators, picking a moisturizer may depend on your skin type.

It would be best to look for moisturizing lines that provide different formulations for different skin types, like Nature Republic’s Shea Butter Steam Cream Line. It offers three kinds of cream specially formulated for normal, very dry, and oily & combination skin types. Every cream contains different levels of shea butter to match the needs of every skin type.

Which is more essential, moisture or hydration?

Both of them are critical in keeping your skin at its best. These two factors work together to provide you soft and supple skin as you age. You can also make your routine easier by using skincare products that can do both. Providing your skin with proper moisture and hydration will enhance your skin appearance and health. Do not skimp on your skincare products, and you will see their effect in no time.

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