Cold weather is not my favorite thing, frankly. It complicates things. Coats, hats, scarves. Snow! Not to mention that cold weather will require you to spend a little more time thinking about your daily hair care routine. Following are my five tips on how to care for your hair in cold weather.

Winter Hair Care for Men - cold weather
How to Care for Your Hair in Winter

1) Condition. During cold weather, dry air and dry heat can really dry out your hair and skin. Dry hair can be more brittle and damage prone, so it’s important to keep it well conditioned.

Use of a good shampoo and conditioner is important. I recommend the use of a good silicone based daily conditioner after you shampoo each morning. If your hair is yet on the dry side, you can add a more in-depth conditioner once per week. Keeping your hair well conditioned will also help prevent static (to remove static if it pops up, a very tiny amount of hand lotion or frizz spray will do the trick).

You can also use a very small amount (a few drops) of olive oil to condition your hair. Simply rub it in your hands for a moment or two and then distribute through the hair. This will add additional protection and shine to your hair. Since you will likely be conditioning more, I recommend going with a slightly lighter styling product to avoid weighing the hair down.

2) Grow It Out. In colder months, having a little more hair on your head (and face) will actually help keep you a little warmer. Winter is a good time to grow your hair out as it also gives you a little variety. Conversely, if you are a low maintenance kinda guy, you can also opt for a buzzcut. Huh? A buzzcut in winter?

Think about it and it actually makes sense if you frequently wear a hat. A buzzcut virtually eliminates the dreaded “hat head.”

3) Get Rid of Hat Head. I know I wear a lot more hats in the winter and dealing with that flattened down mess when the hat comes off is a bit of a pain. To quickly get rid of hat head, run some hot water over a towel and ring it out well.

Wrap it around your head for a moment. The heat and moisture will help “iron out” the indentation left by the hat. If you have access to a blow-dryer (or even a hand dryer in the restroom), you can use that to dry your hair out and then apply a little styling product.

4) Don’t Go Out with Wet Hair. This looks like a no-brainer but depending on how cold the temperatures, if you go outside with wet hair, your hair may actually freeze. This can really make the hair prone to damage. Make sure your hair is dry before you leave the house. If you need to use a blow-dryer, I recommend an ionic dryer (you can find those in most department stores for around $20). This will also help neutralize static charges in the hair. When blow-drying the hair, use a wide-tooth brush or comb to prevent pulling on the hair.

5) Get a Haircut. During the winter, your hair is very prone to split ends which can make your mane look like a frizzy mess. The only authentic means to get rid of damage is to get a trim. By cutting off the split ends, your hair will look healthier and be easier to manage.

Cold weather can have a ton of damaging effects on the hair, just like extremely hot weather, so taking a few extra precautions will help avoid damage and keep you looking great.

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