When it comes to men and their hairstyles, the world is firmly divided into two distinct groups – one that believes that men should have short hair and the other that believes that even long hair works on men. Both are right, and both are wrong! Now we are sure that you are absolutely confused, given not only this verdict as well as the title of this article.

However, there is no need to be confused; it is a matter of the man’s age and the bone structure he possesses, along with a few other factors. That is why when considering dashing hair, look for men to try this year, and do plan to keep the man in mind while doing so. The thing is, choosing a hairstyle for a man can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

There are dynamic men’s hairstyles that work with suits that may not work well with casual wear, making it important to choose the right hairstyle. But on the other hand, there are hot man bun hairstyles for guys that look incredible with casual wear, which may not always work with formal wear.

  • The angular fringe: You do this hairstyle by ensuring that the sides are shorn to look very short and keeping a long fringe on the top. This fringe is then cut at an angle to create this look.
  • The Caesar haircut: This haircut is very simple in the sense that the sides are again short, and the top portion is done up in short spikes making it cool and easy.
  • Simple casual: This is something that has been around for ages and holds its own even today as it comes with a side parting with hair cut short and swept back.
  • Brushed up: This hairstyle has shorter hair on the sides and slightly longer on the top, which is brushed up, as the name suggests.
  • The side parting pompadour: This is an oldie that is visiting us back, and you know that this hairstyle entails shorter sides and pompadour on the top.
  • Short, back, and sides: Cut the hair really short and clean on the sides and the back and keep a dramatic sweep of hair on the top that is styled to look very sweeping.
  • The side parting: This works for most face shapes and hair types, with one swathe of hair being longer on top and swept sideways while the rest is kept short.
  • The simple short: Looks great on younger men with hair that is cut short on the sides and back and a tiny bit longer on the top to be teased up.
  • Slicked back: The difference in this hairstyle is the way the longer hair on the top is combed to push back.
  • The undercut variations: There are many variations of this, with hair cut in asymmetrical ways and with some hair on the top and sides being longer.

Shorter hairstyles are easy and cool to maintain, not to mention more appropriate when it comes to most workplaces. That is one of the main reasons that men tend to go for shorter hairstyles. Not only does it make sense for a man to have a shorter hairstyle during most types of weather, but also easier to groom in the morning when they are off to a busy day. What is more, the shorter hairstyle does tend to be more flattering for men of slightly mature age when compared to longer hairstyles.



  1. Going for a “simple and short” haircut to make my appearance younger feels like a great idea. This way, I can shave a few years off of how I look, especially if I can couple this with getting rid of my rugged beard. I’ll go and ask for this from a local haircut service so I can look much younger again.

    • Iskra Banović on

      Thank you for your comment and enthusiasm about trying out a “simple and short” haircut to achieve a more youthful appearance. I’m glad my blog post has inspired you to make a change!

      You’re absolutely right that a shorter haircut can create a fresher, more youthful look. Pairing it with a clean-shaven face can make an even more significant impact. When you visit your local haircut service, I recommend discussing your preferences and goals with the stylist, as they can provide expert guidance on the best cut and style for your features.

      To maintain your new, younger appearance, be sure to follow a proper hair and skincare routine. Your stylist can recommend suitable hair care products and grooming tips to keep your look fresh and vibrant.

      I wish you the best of luck with your makeover and would love to hear about your experience and the results. Please feel free to share your journey with us!

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