Types Of Modern Style Beards According To Your Face
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Many types of beards come and go, some are here to stay and set the trends. If you want to know which style suits you best, you should do some research.

To find out how to get a thick mass of hair that is the coolest of the moment, that also feels good and is comfortable to wear.

In this special compilation of beard styling suggestions, you will be able to read a detailed analysis of different types of beard.

Importance of beard in a man’s life

From the ancestors and ancient kings to current presidents, artists, and great executives. For years, it has been a way for men to express masculinity and command respect in society. In fact, in some cultures, it represents wisdom, knowledge, and maturity.

The styles and trends vary greatly depending on the country, the time, and even the religions, but regardless of the reasons or the origin, you cannot deny that it provides that modern or classic touch to a man that certainly does not fail.

There are studies that ensure that it carries a social message and that it can even influence a man’s personal life. So, you can say that it is not only a fashion “accessory”, but that it brings multiple benefits to those who wear it:

  • Protects from UV rays and possible allergic agents.
  • Covers imperfections
  • Highlight the features of the face, giving a more masculine touch.
  • It generates a much more attractive and safe appearance.

Types of beard according to the face

The first thing to do is to determine the type of cut that goes with your face.

There are countless beard cuts that can create variations in your appearance depending on the features of the face, skin tone, and of course the care given to it.

These are just some types of beards according to the face:

Ducktail Beard or Duck Cola

The Ducktail Beard or also known as ducktail is a very sophisticated and elegant style. It gives a touch of roughness and masculinity but at the same time, it has a very professional appearance and helps to give symmetry to the face.

Its cut is low around the cheeks, goes down to the jaw in an elongated way, and ends in a point according to the desired length. It is necessary to care for it with oils or balms and comb it to maintain the proper appearance.

It fits most faces except slim and narrow.

French fork beard

The “French Fork Beard” also known as the “French Fork” dates back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today it is rare to see a man with this thin beard look, however, whoever wears it undoubtedly causes great impact due to its eccentricity.

The French fork gives an ideal and peculiar impression as well as masculine. This is very well suited to elongated faces or diamond-shaped faces. To take care of it, it is recommended to use creams, oils, or wax, although it is really optional.

Hipster or lumberjack beard

The main characteristic of the hipster or lumberjack style is that it must belong and be thick, which makes it very striking. It takes a lot of patience to achieve the necessary length but the advantage is that it is quite simple since it does not require experts to cut it and the best thing is that it gives a modern and carefree touch.

Although it can look different on different faces, it goes great with diamond-shaped, triangular, square, or circular faces, and to care for it, it is recommended to use a special shampoo and conditioner due to its length and is easy to maintain.

Arab style long beard

The Arab or Middle Eastern beard is a very old cut, references to the characteristic long bushy beard can be seen in many sacred texts. In fact, it has a religious connotation. In some Arab countries wearing it long is a sign of respect and wisdom.

This reflects the seriousness and adapts to almost any face. The intention is that it covers up to the neck, therefore it doesn’t require to be shaved for years.

Horseshoe moustache

The horseshoe mustache, sometimes called the lucky mustache, is a simple mustache with elongated tips toward the chin. Some celebrities like Freddy Mercury wore it.

It requires high maintenance as it is necessary to keep the area of ​​the cheeks, chin, and neck clean, always defining the edges well to maintain the appearance of the cut.

This mustache gives a touch of personality and provides symmetry to the face, but it must be avoided on oval faces so as not to cause an elongated effect.

The gunslinger

The gunslinger style is a combination of a horseshoe mustache and fairly wide sideburns. The cut must be kept shaved and the area of ​​the sideburns very well defined so that it does not lose its shape.

It is very important to maintain hygiene, washing the beard after each meal and after playing sports to avoid the accumulation of food or sweating.

The classic Chevron moustache

The Chevron mustache is undoubtedly a classic and is characterized by being very large and thick, covering the upper lip and the corner of it. As mentioned at the beginning, it gives a classic and daring touch and favors oval and elongated faces with straight facial hair.

It is always good to have a pocket comb on hand to comb from time to time and keep the mustache looking neat.

Goatee beard or goatee beard

The goatee was popular in the 19th century until the hippie movement brought it back to life. The hair growth is focused on the chin and can be worn as short or as long as desired as it is a very versatile cut.

The main thing is to keep giving it a V shape at the tip with scissors. This one is a bit quirky as it gives off a chunky feel and the bad boy look.


Some people have a very fast pace of life, or are careless about their appearance and do not like having to spend time combing or moisturizing their beards. Others think they can style this or that without having to trim, moisturize, and apply certain products. But above all, the use of bread oil will be something that you will have to use, it is not negotiable and it does not take that long to use it either. Always use premium beard oil to get fast and better results.

If you are between these two groups, it is better that you do not consider how you are going to leave it, since none of the cuts that exist are for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a person who puts care into things and who is looking for a change that favors you in order to also learn how to take care of it, then apply the necessary products. With the advice you have just read, you will have an ideal beard with a spectacular style.

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