With each year that passes, I think it’s a good idea to change things up. Freshening up your style is one resolution that is incredibly easy to keep. Changing your hairstyle can get you noticed, keep you ahead of the trends, and give you a new outlook. The new year means an excellent time to retire dated looks and bring in some fresh new trends. With that in mind, I offer up my four top trends that should retire in 2022.

1. The Man Bun

Men's Hair Trends
Men’s Hair Trends that Should Retire in 2021. Man Bun Hairstyle – Photo © Tempura | Getty Images

I will admit it. I am not and have not been a huge fan of this hairstyle, but I do know some women who find this look incredibly sexy on a man. I think the man bun looks sloppy and, to me, says a man couldn’t be bothered with taking a few minutes to groom himself. The man bun can also cause damage to the hair and, in some cases, can cause traction alopecia (gradual hair loss due to pulling of the hair). I think long hair looks great on the right man, but the man bun is my least favorite way for a guy to rock a long mane. A recent survey by West Coast Shaving shows that 62.9% of women don’t like man buns and 74.19% think their men would not be attractive with a man bun.

2. The Big Beard

Big Beard
A man with Big Beard – Photo © Hero Images | Getty Images

The big beard trend seems to have emerged into somewhat of a cult these days. I’ve had friends and clients become downright incensed when I suggest that, perhaps, it is time to trim it back. I think a well-trimmed (but still full) beard looks incredible on a man lucky enough to be able to grow a beard, but for 2021 I believe the trend will be shorter beards and clean-shaven faces. I recently read a where a blogger stated she thought it was funny that so many men were walking around looking like lumberjacks, but most couldn’t change a tire. I thought that was great. It’s time to give the lumberjacks their look back and tighten up that face fuzz.

3. The Undercut

Undercut hairstyle
Men’s Hair Trends. The Undercut.

I’m on the fence about eliminating the undercut haircut. On one hand, this style is really getting dated, and it seems guys’ sides are creeping up higher and higher (some are starting to look like Beaker from The Muppets). On the other hand, this is a very easy haircut to do. For most men’s haircuts, the most time-consuming part for a barber or stylist is the blend. For undercut haircuts, there is no blend. I can knock this style out in about 10 minutes — the more haircuts I do, the more money I earn behind the chair. Many barbers may be reluctant to talk you out of this style because it’s just so quick and easy, but it is really time for it to go.

4. The Shaved Part

Shaved Part hairstyle
Photo @ menshairs

My main problem with the trend of shaving false parts into guys’ heads is that after a few days of growth there is no benefit to having a shaved part. A few weeks after the haircut, many guys develop this ridge of shorter hair sticking up, and it just looks odd. Because of that, it can be a little sloppy trying to grow out one of these shaved parts. Like the undercut, I’ve seen guys shaved in parts start to get more and more extreme. I recently saw a middle-aged guy with about a quarter-inch wide part shaved in his head, and I actually chuckled out loud. If you want a crisp part, ask your barber to show you how to create one without the shave.

Looking Ahead

I think 2022 will begin to see men trending back to more traditional barbering. The long tops, clean parts, and tight classic tapers will be on-trend for 2022 as will tighter beards and clean shaves. For longer hair, I think we’ll begin to see more long layers and movement.

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