Overall, I cannot recommend Nivea Men Active 3. It’s certainly not one of my favorite shave creams, I find it unacceptable, and it’s only marginally enjoyable as a shower gel and shampoo. The product does not offer the appropriate amount of lubrication to shave the face without irritation and is not easy to rinse from the hair or skin when serving as a shampoo or body wash. My hair and skin did feel fine once dry, and the product has a very pleasant smell.

Nivea for Men Active 3

I’m disappointed because I normally enjoy Nivea for Men products (their Nivea Men Face Wash is one of my faves).


  • Refreshing fragrance.
  • Easy to hold the bottle.


  • Ineffective lubrication for shaving.
  • Difficult to rinse from hair.
  • Difficult to rinse from the skin.


  • As a shave cream, this product offers poor lubrication when compared to traditional shave cream.
  • As a body wash, I found the product a bit slimy feeling difficult to rinse from my skin.
  • As a shampoo, I found it difficult to rinse the product from my hair, although my hair did feel clean and soft after drying.

Guide Review – A Review of Nivea for Men Active 3 – Shampoo, Body Wash, and Shave Cream in One

I’m not quite sure why so many companies are so fascinated with 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products. Is it really that much of a hassle to have a separate shampoo and conditioner or a separate hair and body wash? When Nivea announced the new Nivea for Men Active 3 body wash, shampoo, and shave cream in one, I was quite a bit skeptical. Is it possible to have a body wash that is slick enough to double as a shaving cream or a shaving cream that will rinse from the hair as easily as a shampoo?

Nivea attempted to combine these three products into one and, in my opinion, failed miserably.

During my tests, I followed the directions exactly as listed on the packaging. I attempted to rinse the product from my hair and body. After rinsing for what seemed like forever, I was finally able to reach the point where my hair and body felt clean.

Next, I applied the product directly to my face and worked it into a lather. After two strokes with my razor, I stopped because there was an unacceptable amount of drag on the razor due to poor lubrication. A bit more product and another swipe of the razor produced similar results. I recommend against attempting to shave your face with this product. It may be effective at shaving body hair, but a great shave cream will still be a better choice.

I had a friend test the product (without telling him anything about it beforehand), and his opinions directly echoed mine. As a shaving cream, Nivea for Men Active 3 does not provide acceptable lubrication and the time spent rinsing the product from the hair and body eliminates any time-saving advantage of having a dual-purpose product. My friend did tell me he might put it in his gym bag to use as a shampoo and body wash. That said, I often use my shampoo as a body wash if I’m in a time crunch, and there are certainly better shampoos than Nivea for Men Active 3.

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