I have to admit it. I’m hard on haircutting shears, and I haven’t been able to find one that I was really thrilled about (or could handle my abuse), until now. I just had the opportunity conduct a review of MAG Shears’ Maestro (6.5 inches) for a few weeks, and I was very impressed. Of course, with most haircutting tools, the one you choose is entirely personal. You’ll need to take into consideration the length, type of handle, size of the rings, weight, and whether you are right or left handed.

Maestro Swivel - mag shears maestro
MAG Shears Maestro Haircutting Shear.

For me, I like a 6.5-inch offset shear. Since I only serve male clients, I tend to use a great deal of barbering techniques, so I prefer a longer shear.

First, these shears are SHARP, and I found they cut through most any type of hair with ease. They also cut through my knuckle several times with ease as well!

I found the shears performed worked well in wet or dry hair and I particularly liked how they performed for shear-over-comb and point cutting. The shears also had a nice weight and balance.

The offset handle was comfortable for me, although the finger rings may be a bit small for those with wide fingers (the shear ships with finger inserts for those with small fingers). I also really appreciate the fact that the tang is fixed as opposed to being the screw-in type. How many screw-in finger rests have I lost in the past two decades? I can’t tell you! The bumper screws in, which should make it far less likely to come out than those that are simply glued in. I also like the fact the tension screw is a standard slotted screw that sits flush also needs no special tools (other than a screwdriver) to adjust.

Although I only had a few weeks with these shears, I suspect they will hold a sharp edge for a fairly long time. The shears are made from V-10 cobalt allow steel — this is a type of steel which has a finer grain and contains Cobalt and Nickel for increased hardness (and is also used in fine Japanese kitchen knives).

What all these geek-speak means is that they should hold an edge longer than a shear made with inferior metal.

The Maestro shear comes in half-inch lengths ranging from 5 to 7 inches and retails for $499. Investing in a great shear is certainly worth spending a little more money, and MAG allows you to purchase a shear with a minimum of $50 down, and you can spread out the payments as for many as 18 months. So, you get a great pair of shears for just under $25 per month (you may also choose a $50 or $100 monthly payment) with no interest.

The shears also come with a lifetime warranty. They will also service your shears (including sharpening, polishing, and replacing washers and bumpers) for $30. I can say that I’ve used these guys for years for my shear sharpening and they have never let me down — the shears always come back looking and working like they are brand new.

Since shears are such a personal thing, I’m often skeptical about ordering them online without trying them first, so I’m pleased that MAG Shears offers a 30-day money back guarantee. I should also mention, I tried out a pair of their Svelt blending shears, which I did not particularly care for due to the length. The blending shears were comfortable and cut well, but I’m accustomed to a longer blending shear. I am told they will be releasing a longer blending shear sometime around September 2015, so I’ll make sure to get my hands on those and provide a fair review.

If you are looking for a great shear that comes with a solid warranty and flexible payment options, I can strongly recommend the MAG Shears’ Maestro. It is one of the best shears I’ve tried in years, and I will certainly be including it as one of my essential tools for cutting men’s hair and can be purchased from magshears.com.

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