Johnny B. All Over Shampoo – A 2-in-1 Product That’ll Help Streamline Your Morning Grooming Routine

I love simplicity, but I especially like it when a company manages to streamline my grooming routine with a product that is effective in multiple areas. Most 2-in-1 type products (shampoo + body wash or shampoo + conditioner) are not overly effective in either area they’re trying to serve. Johnny B. All Over Shampoo is promoted as both a shampoo and a body wash, and it works well for both. This is one product that’s staying in my gym bag.

Johnny B. All Over Shampoo
Johnny B. All Over Shampoo.

As A Shampoo…

I love the feel of this product when I’m shampooing. The lather is very rich (almost as good as my trusty Bed Head for Men Clean Up Shampoo). The product does a very good job at cleaning my hair and scalp without drying me out.

It also rinses away very cleanly, which is also a plus. My hair is a bit fine, and I like that Johnny B. All Over Shampoo adds a bit of volume which makes styling a bit easier for me. The product smells clean and fresh. Perhaps the scent may be a bit strong, but it doesn’t linger after the product is rinsed from the hair — that’s important as you don’t want the scent clashing with your fragrance.

As A Body Wash…

As I mentioned above, this product is one that’s staying in my gym bag for a variety of reasons. Of course, I like to keep it simple in the gym and eliminating the need for a separate shampoo and body wash saves me time and space. As a shampoo, it works well, but it’s tremendous as a body wash. The product cleans the skin effectively and rinses clean, and the woodsy scent helps perk me up a bit after a tough workout. It leaves me feeling clean and refreshed, which is exactly what a good body wash should do. The manufacturer also claims the product has an organic deodorant to help absorb odors all day.

I’m not an overly stinky type of guy, so I can’t back up that claim, but I will say the product works well for me.

The Bottom Line

Johnny B. All Over Shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It cleans well, smells great, and rinses away cleanly. Unlike many other dual-purpose products, this one serves it’s multiple roles quite well, saving me a little bit of time and space in the morning. At home, I still prefer to use a separate shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but for travel and in the gym, this may very well be my new “must have” product.

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