I’ve had the opportunity to try some really amazing haircare products over the past few years, and the styling products from Hairbond are among the best I’ve ever tried. My nickname for Hairbond in my barbershop is “hair crack!” For the past month, I’ve been putting their four main styling products, Distorter, Sculptor, Shaper, and Moulder to the test and I haven’t been disappointed by any of them. The products may be a bit hard to find in the United States, but I think they’ll start appearing in nicer barbershops and salons in the near future (I carry the entire line in my Atlanta shops). Following is my review of each product.

Hairbond Moulder Product Line - Styling Products
A Review of the Hairbond Product Line

The Products

Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee: I really love this product — it gives a stronghold (very strong) hold that will last all day. Because this product is so strong, a little goes a long way. I’m using this in a lot of my pompadours today, especially on guys who have thick hair, as it gives a great hold and shine and lasts all day.

Every time I put this in a guy’s hair, the fragrance makes me want to blow the heck out of my low-carb diet — it smells like butterscotch toffee. Really amazing stuff!

Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty: For guys who may have finer hair or want a lighter hold (than the Shaper), this is a great option. I think the term “putty” is inappropriate as it’s really more of a cream. Sculptor, which I use every day in my hair, gives a nice, soft hold and great shine and separation. And, like the Shaper, the product smells really great — like a sour apple Jolly Rancher.

Hairbond Distorter Professional Styling Clay: This is a great go-to product for adding a nice, pliable texture to the hair. The product gives a stronghold without getting crunchy. If you’re looking for grungy texture, this will certainly fit the bill. I think it has an almost gritty texture which really lends itself well to casual, textured styles. Distorter doesn’t smell as great as the other Hairbond products, but it does have a pleasant, although somewhat medicinal smell.

Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper: This is my second favorite product in the line — Moulder offers excellent, flexible hold with a matte finish. I use this one for casual, texturized styles. This works like wax, however without the greasy texture. It also smells like apples. Therefore it is quite pleasant on the nose too.

From a performance and also diversity standpoint, it is an almost excellent product line. There is also enough variety in the selection to satisfy most any style. They also offer a lighter cream and a shampoo and conditioner which I don’t have access to at the moment (although I will certainly update this review once I do.

The Downside

I do have a few negative things I should add about the line. First, I think the packaging is excessive. It is beautiful, but a massive waste of material. Each jar contains only about 3.38 ounces of product. There is an inner “bowl” which contains the product, but the packaging would lead you to believe you’re getting much more than you actually are. Some people may also not enjoy the fragrances — while I found them all very pleasant, they can be a bit strong (and the scent lingers a bit). If you don’t mind smelling like apples or buttercream frosting, you’ll do just fine. Whenever I use the Shaper, my dog always wants to lick my head (although she doesn’t do that when I’m wearing the Sculptor. Guess she prefers butterscotch to apples.

Some might also be turned off with the price — each jar retails for around 26 dollars (US). For that amount of product you get, it is more expensive than similar products around the same size. That being said, I do think it is an excellent product and certainly worth checking out if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars for the good stuff. It should also be pointed out that with many professional products, like Hairbond, a little goes a long way, so it’s important to know how to apply waxes, creams, and pomades correctly.

Bottom Line

I’ve tried hundreds of men’s hair care products, and the offerings from Hairbond are among the best I’ve experienced. I am so satisfied with the line that we now carry it in my own barber salons, so I’m very confident in the performance. The products perform well, smell amazing, and the packaging looks great. Sure, they may be a tad pricey, and the packaging, while cool, is excessive, but those aren’t deal killers, in my opinion. Hairbond may be a little hard to find, so you may have to order them online from Amazon or another retailer, but they’re certainly worth the expense and hassle.

Men’s Styling Products – Getting the Most Out of Pomades, Waxes, and Creams – How to Properly Use Modern Styling Products

One of the most common errors hair stylists make is not educating clients about how to properly use styling products or shampoos and conditioners. Most often, when a product is returned to a salon, it is because the stylist has not properly instructed the client in its usage.

Of today’s products, the most commonly misused are those pliable products that come in jars (e.g., pomade, wax, mud, etc.). To properly apply these products, follow my three quick tips.

  1. Less is More. With most styling products, you should use a minimum amount of product and add more if necessary. About a pea-sized amount for hair that is three inches or shorter should suffice. Too much product will weigh hair down and make it difficult to style.
  2. Dry First. Make sure your hair is damp to dry before applying the product. Excess water in the hair dilutes styling product and decreases holding power. This is especially important if you’re using a matte finish product or if you’re applying the product to fine hair and looking to reduce separation.
  3. Break it Down. Before applying the product to the hair, rub a pea-sized amount between the palms of your hands until they become warm. This will emulsify the product and allow for a more even distribution in the hair.

Now that you know how to grab that jar of pomade or paste and get groomed!

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