When I originally saw an advertisement for The Goatee Saver, I thought it was a joke. After surfing over to their website (and having a great laugh at the cheesy promotional video), I immediately requested a unit to see if this thing worked. I really wanted to hate the product, but it actually works exactly as advertised.

Goatee Saver
A Review of The Goatee Saver


  • Performs as advertised.
  • Makes shaving around goatee easier.
  • Well constructed.
  • Fairly comfortable.
  • Fairly priced.


  • Turnbuckles a bit difficult to manipulate.
  • No way to use it without looking ridiculous.
  • Doesn’t allow for creative goatee shapes.


  • The Goatee Saver is an adjustable goatee shaving template which aids in maintaining an even goatee.
  • Has three turnbuckles that allow to adjust the width of the top, middle, and bottom of the template.
  • The product is so quirky, even Jay Leno has made fun of it on his show — but it does work as advertised.

Guide Review – A Review of The Goatee Saver

We actually had great fun testing The Goatee Saver in the barbershop. Our test subject was Wallace Barlow who normally wears a short beard I like to call “manicured scruff.” In a valiant effort to help keep our readers well informed, Wallace agreed to try out The Goatee Saver and lose the scruff. When we eventually got him to stop running around with the thing on his face breathing, “Luke, I am your father” at everyone, the shaving commenced.

The Goatee Saver is a device that acts as a template that you put on your face and shave around to prevent accidentally shaving into your goatee. It has three turnbuckles that you adjust to change the width of the top, bottom, or middle of the template, so you can customize the shape to suit. The turnbuckles can be a bit of a pain to work with, but it does work. To hold the unit in place, you bite down on a mouthpiece which is fairly comfortable.

Because there is a bit of a gap created by the width of the plastic (plus the distance between the edge of the razor and the blade), I recommend adjusting the unit a little more narrow to compensate. Once The Goatee Saver is in place, you simply shave around it.

Of course, you’ll still need to run a trimmer over the goatee from time to time to shorten those hairs — but your barber can handle that task for you. Between trips to the barber, however, those who don’t have a steady hand or good eye can use The Goatee Saver to help preserve the balance of the old door knocker. Just make certain you put it on straight, to begin with. The Goatee Saver is good for maintaining a basic goatee, but it does not allow for more creative shapes.

The Goatee Saver is one of those products, much like the Snuggie, that you’ll want to keep hidden from your friends, lest you enjoy ridicule. They’ll most certainly make fun of you for owning one and, like the Snuggie, there is just no way not to look ridiculous using it. One of our barbers commented that using one of these products is the kind of thing that’s likely to get you stuffed in a locker. Hey, at least you’ll be warm and snug with a flawless goatee.

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