The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor: Some may call a $28 razor with a headlight and a vibrating handle a bit over the top, but I call this one great gadget for the bathroom.

Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor
Review of The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor: Courtesy The Art of Shaving

An Expensive Razor Worth the Price – The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor

I have to admit I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to new gadgets –- especially those that have something to do with shaving. My bathroom drawer is nearly filled with every type of razor imaginable. When I learned that The Art of Shaving had teamed up with Gillette to create an upscale version of the Fusion Razor, I knew I just had to have one. Of course, being who I am, I opted for the most expensive model available, The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor.

To say this razor, at $28, is slightly over-the-top would be a fair statement.

Not only does it have 6 cutting blades and a vibrating motor, but the thing also has a headlight. Being the skeptic that I am, I was determined to find something about this razor that was just marketing hype, but I’ve found the razor lives up to its claims.

In hand, the razor feels a bit heavy, but the extra weight and size provide excellent balance and control. The surface of the handle is textured and gives an excellent grip. On the hand, the Power Razor feels good enough to justify the price.

Six Blades and a Battery

The five-blade Fusion head gives a close, comfortable shave. That said, at times I believe there are so many blades packed into this little surface that the tight spacing between them does not allow the hairs to spring back up between passes. One feature of the razor that I really love is the blade on the flip side of the head. This blade makes shaving under the nose and straightening sideburns very easy. I wish Gillette would put one of those blades on the flip side of the Mach III head.

As a fan of the Gillette Mach III Turbo, I was pleased to learn The Art of Shaving version of the Fusion Power Razor includes the tiny motor that causes the razor to vibrate at a high frequency. This may sound gimmicky at first, but the vibration really does reduce friction and drag.

I did not find the headlight to be of much use, but my bathroom has enough light to give the sun a run for its money. For those with a dimly lit shaving area, the light would likely prove helpful in reducing shadows under the jaw and chin area.

My Advice

Overall, I can comfortably recommend this razor and find very few flaws in the design. The price may be a bit high for some, but those looking to be on the cutting edge will find a way to justify the expense. There is also an optional stand and shaving brush for those who really want to splurge. The Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Power Razor is the iPod of razors. For more information on this razor, visit The Art of Shaving or click here to purchase one now.

For those on a budget, you’ll find similar, albeit less stylish results, using the Gillette Power Fusion Razor for about $12.

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  1. I received the Art of Shaving kit from a lady friend at Christmas and tried it out. I do not care for the pre-shave, shaving cream or the aftershave, and I find the razor hard to clean, nor do I believe that it gave me as good a shave as my other razor. Further, although I did not pay for it myself, I find the price to be outrageous. As I used the razor head that was provided with the kit, I will purchase additional heads to be sure I am correct in my assessment before I put it away and return permanently to my former razor.

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