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Overall, this is a solid product that makes body grooming a bit more convenient. The A Review of the Braun Cruzer Body Shaver can be used in the shower, eliminating the need for much cleanup after the manscaping project is complete. For those who body groom, I can confidently recommend this product. For more info: Braun Body Cruzer website

Braun Cruzer Body Shaver


  • Can be used wet or dry in the shower.
  • Trimming and shaving in one stroke is a great time saver.
  • Rechargeable so you don’t have to change batteries.
  • Trimmer works exceptionally well (but longer hair should be trimmed dry).


  • Fusion Razor can sometimes snag hair when trimming only.
  • Fairly short battery life.
  • Included hanger doesn’t have a place for the trimmer guards.
  • Extreme care should be used when trimming or shaving groin area.
  • Not recommended for shaving or trimming the beard.


  • Trim. The trimmer has short, medium, and long attachments for trimming body hair.
  • Trim and Shave. The Braun Cruzer Body Shaver allows you to trim longer hair and shave in one stroke.
  • Shave. The razor cartridge is the excellent Gillette Fusion razor for exceptionally smooth shaving.

Guide Review – The Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

While I fully endorse a little “manscaping” from time to time, I’m not a big fan of guys who shave everything from the neck down (except for the back and I encourage you to shave ’till your heart’s content). I believe a man should look like a man with all the hair that comes with it. That said, I do think a little subtle trimming and sculpting of excess hair can make a man look leaner and well-groomed. In fact, a little trimming of the lawn can even make the tree look bigger if you know what I mean. Body grooming can be a bit of a chore (and a messy one at that). Fortunately, there’s a new product that can help make the job a bit easier.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver trimmer electric razor (the capitalization isn’t a typo, it’s Braun’s attempt at making the name look cool) is the first all-in-one body trimmer and shaver featuring a powered trimmer and the Gillette Fusion razor. The product is designed for making trimming and shaving the body easier. With a few minor gripes, I’m impressed by the performance of this product, and its innovative design makes body grooming a snap.

The Braun Cruzer Body Shaver works in three ways. You can use the trimmer alone, use the shaver alone, or trim and shave at the same time (handy for saving time shaving longer hair since it needs to be trimmed before shaving). One feature I like is that this product can be used in the shower which also makes cleanup less of a hassle. Can be purchased for around $50.


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