While style is usually associated with fashion, it is actually more than that. Style is everything that is physically evident in a man. That includes your clothes, your skin, and even your hair.

Therefore, having a clean and fresh facial hair style is critical to bettering yourself and commanding respect.

There are many different styles that you can choose from, but the main part involves having the right equipment to groom well.

The equipment we’re talking about is a beard trimmer, but not just any old one. Many guys go through these like hotcakes because they fail to grab one that is made of durable and quality material. Read this superb guide by Malegroomings to get acclimated with beard trimmers and to find your “long-term choice,” as they say.

Next, you will need to pick a facial hair style.

Here Are Some Easy Facial Hair Styles To Do

  1. Short-Medium Stubble: The stubble look has evolved from guys who are too lazy to shave the day after, to a really clean and attractive option. This is easy to do, just use your trimmer at anywhere from 2-5mm and shave down that beard.
  2. The Goatee: The goatee is a bit harder but still doable even as a beginner. You might wanna use a razor to shave down the rest of your face while you focus on trimming the goatee area. There are products that make this style an absolute breeze, such as the Goatee Saver.
  3. The Royale Beard: This is similar to a goatee, but there are certain differences. The sides are shaved down so it just looks like three parts; the mustache, the middle, and the chin.
  4. The Anchor Beard: The anchor is very simple to achieve. It looks exactly like an anchor starting from the mustache and going to the chin, as well as a chin strap that ends right before the jaw. Everything else is shaved.
  5. The Chevron: This is also popular, especially among older men. This is basically just a nice thick but clean mustache. You would need to get at around a 6-8mm comb to trim this properly.

These five styles are very common for most men in 2017, so choose yours and get to trimming. Practicing this will help you perfect your style over time, so do not be discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfect on the first couple of tries.

Now that you have your facial hair styled and your equipment, the next thing to do is the upkeep.

Upkeep For Your Facial Hair Style

This part requires more equipment. You will need to grab a beard oil or moisturizer so that your hair can smell great and stay hydrated. The beard protects your skin from the sun, but you still need to keep it clean and tidy, or else it will be a mess.

After you have a beard oil, you can apply it daily with 1-2 drops, usually depending on the product. There are plenty available, but this is the one we recommend:

Honest Amish makes a great classic beard oil with no fluff and just quality ingredients. Use it daily, and you will notice that your facial hair looks better and is overall healthier. You can also grab a beard moisturizer, which usually comes in wax form but works just as well. It really depends on what you prefer.

After all, is said and done, you will notice that your facial hair is far superior to ever before. Therefore, you will go out in style, and real style at that.

If you are one who shaves daily, you should at least attempt to grow out your facial hair at least once to see how it looks on you. You never know if you will look more attractive with or without it, and plus, facial hair is heavily in style nowadays.

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