How to Prevent Hair Loss Male – Modern Medicine Can Help

These days, there’s not as much of a negative stigma surrounding hair loss in men, and many men are picking up the razor and going bald by choice. For some men, however, male pattern baldness and hair loss can be a devastating blow to self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, there are more medical treatments for male hair loss available today than ever before.

Male Hair Loss
Medical Treatments for Male Hair Loss. Photo © Vstock LLC | Getty Images

Before I continue, it’s important to note that there is no cure for baldness.

By the age of fifty, nearly half of all men experience male pattern baldness, which is an inherited condition caused by the body’s excessive production of dihydrotestosterone (commonly called DHT). There’s not much that can be done to reverse genetics, but options are available to compensate for the hair loss and slow down the rate of loss.



Propecia (finasteride) is a drug that works by helping prevent the body from converting testosterone into DHT. The drug can be an effective treatment for male pattern baldness on the front and center of the head but appears to be ineffective for hair loss near the temples. In a 5-year study of men with moderate to mild hair loss, about half experienced some re-growth, while 42% had no further loss. In order to maintain hair that has been grown, Propecia must be taken continually. Most of the hair gained is lost within a year of ceasing therapy.

If you have a good relationship with your doctor, you may wish to ask about a prescription for Proscar (finasteride). Proscar is the same drug as Propecia, but tablets come in 5mg dose.

It is cheaper than Propecia, but you will need to cut the pill in fifths (which can be tricky). If you’re on a tight budget, this may be an option. Keep in mind that finasteride, even in small concentrations, can cause birth defects in a male fetus, so it should be avoided if there are pregnant women in the household.

Consult your doctor before taking any medication for possible complications or side effects.


Rogaine (minoxidil) is a cream or foam that is normally applied to the balding areas twice daily. Like Propecia, hair growth will only occur as long as the product is used and is effective in about 25% of men with male pattern baldness. If you think this treatment for your hair loss problem might be the right fit for you, you may want to browse this site to get it for yourself.


Tissue Expansion

Throughout this procedure, a device called a tissue expander is implanted beneath the scalp. Small balloons in the expander are progressively inflated for several months. This affects the skin to expand by up to one third. Another surgery is required to place the newly expanded skin over the bald area.


During a transplant, very small plugs of hair and scalp are taken from the side or back and moved onto the bald areas. While this form of surgery has improved, it is still critical to find a good surgeon and get references from his patients before you agree to any male hair loss treatment. The downsides of this form of surgery are that it can leave scarring in the areas where the hair plugs are removed, which will limit your options for shorter haircuts.

Scalp Reduction

This is like a facelift for the top of your head. A part of the bald scalp is removed, and also the scalp on the sides of the head are pulled together, filling in the bald area.

Flap Surgery

A portion of hair-bearing scalp is relocated to the bald area while still attached at one end to its original blood supply. The type of procedure typically can leave scarring under the hair where the flap was removed, making shorter hairstyles impossible.

The above treatments can help you replace some of the hair you’ve lost. Unfortunately, most hair loss remedies on the market are, in my opinion, not effective enough for most men to justify the cost. Cut it short and leave the pills and scalpel alone. If the medical options aren’t right for you, please read my Non-Medical Treatments for Baldness.

Pictures of Men with A Bald Head or Shaved Head

1. To Baldly Go…

Pictures of Men with A Bald Head or Shaved Head
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair Dave Hogan / Getty Images.

Perfect Heads That Need No Hair

This picture gallery shows whether you have got a bald head by preference or it’s because your only choice, a bald head can be appealing and sexy — no matter how young or old you happen to be.

For more pictures of men’s hair-cuts, browse our haircut galleries and also read our men’s product review and guides. Let us also show you how to get a great men’s haircut and how to choose the best hair length for you.

Since the late eighties, Patrick Stewart hand proven that a bald head can be a great option. Razors locked in… engage!

2. Even Younger Guys are Taking it Off

A Shaved Head Gives a Youthful Look
A Shaved Head Gives a Youthful Look © Dash |

Today, going bald is a choice even guys with full heads of hair are making.

3. A Bald American Idol

Bald American Idol
A Shaved Head Gives a Youthful Look Ethan Miller / Getty Images.

Hoards of young women lose control when this bald man takes the stage. Ask most women if Chris Daughtry is sexy and you’ll hear a resounding, “yes!”

4. A Bald Head Gives a Youthful Appearance

A Bald Head Gives a Youthful Appearance
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair © | akurtz.

Combine a bald or shaved head with a bit of facial scruff for a fresh, younger look.

5. A Shaved Head Conceals Male Pattern Baldness

Shaved Head Conceals Male Pattern Baldness
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair © | ptoptenor.

If this man grew his hair out even a bit, it would add ten years to his look. A shaved head hides the fact that he’s balding and gives a more youthful look.

6. Yippie Kay Yay, Baldie!

Shaved Head for Thinning Hair
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair Sean Gallup / Getty Images.

Even at middle age, this bald guy still kicks butt! His ex-wife Demi Moore even adopted the look for a bit.

7. A Shaved Head Conceals Premature Baldness

Shaved Head Conceals Premature Baldness
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair © Felix Casio |

This is an excellent example of the right way to handle premature baldness — take it off.

8. A Bald Role Model

Bald Role Model
A Shaved Head for Thinning Hair Charley Gallay / Getty Images.

In his youth, Andre Agassi had one of the worst mullets in sports. In 1995, Agassi shaved his head and created a whole new look — one that’s worked well for him for over a decade.

9. This Bald Head Cooks!

Bald Head
One Overton Park, Suite 1150 Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images.

Tom Colicchio shows that a bald head can really add emphasis to stunning eyes. This Top Chef judge made the right move by taking it off.

Definition of a Brush Cut

The sides and back are cut close as for a crewcut while the top is cut the same length (about one-half inch) following the contours of the head. The hair on top is combed up so the hair on top resembles the bristles of a brush. For some, a light gel may be applied prior to blow drying the hair up and back.

Definition of Brush Cut
Photo © Acme Barbershop Hair by: Kevin Johnson Photo by: Jill Randall Model: Lincoln Smith.
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