Some of us decide to grow old gracefully, while others fight it tooth and nail. I think we can do both. We can age gracefully while still looking vibrant and stylish. Here’s how to do just that with these tips on hair and men’s grooming.

Hair and Grooming for Older Men
Trendy Older Man – Hair and Grooming for Older Men. Photo © Maskot | Getty Images

What to Do When Your Hair Is Thinning

First, you’ll want to avoid doing things that draw attention to the fact that your hair is thinning. Use products that add support and volume to the hair (such as American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo).

You’ll also want to avoid heavy gels or products that cause separation in the hair to prevent exposing the scalp. One of my favorite styling products for thinning hair is American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion. One thing men can do to make the hair appear thicker is to wash less frequently and allow the oils to build up on the hair.

This texture lotion mimics that effect and allows you to still wash daily. When choosing a styling product, always seek the advice of a professional barber or stylist and go with professional-grade products.

One thing to consider when your hair is thinning is to go short and get a haircut appropriate for thinning hair! This is my rule of thumb: If you can see scalp on top, cut the sides and back short enough to show an equal amount of scalp. This will provide balance and minimize the fact that the top is thinning. Many guys make the mistake of growing their hair long when it starts to thin, but this only makes the fact that it is thinning much more noticeable. If your hair becomes too thin, consider shaving it.

A bald head is a strong, masculine statement and it is often a great way to take charge of the situation before it gets out of hand.

What to Do When You Start to Go Gray

I will admit that I am not a big fan of men coloring their gray hair. Men begin to panic at the first sign of gray hair, but I think we need to embrace them!

Gentlemen, you have earned those gray hairs, and they look great. Sure, you can color gray hair, but that can become costly and time-consuming. If you do it home, trust me when I say it will look like you’ve dyed your hair and that’s worse than having gray hair. You can have it done at any salon for a more natural look, but you have to do it often to keep those roots under control. If you have a short haircut, forget about it. You’ll be in the salon for a touch-up every other week. My suggestion is this: get a cool haircut and let the gray do its thing. There are plenty of great haircuts for mature men that will work with your gray (or thinning) hair and still keep you looking vibrant and stylish.

What to Do With Your Facial Hair

One of the difficulties of becoming older is that we start looking a bit worn out, perhaps somewhat haggard. The hairline starts thinning, the wrinkles show up, and we get a little gray. Growing a little facial hair is an excellent way to freshen things up and can draw attention away from your thinning hairline, but it’s important to do it right. For facial hair on mature guys, I recommend keeping it trimmed short and keep the outlines crisp. An untidy beard can really make you look even more haggard, so always keep it neat.

It is also crucial, as we get older, to keep the hairs that pop up in the ears and nostrils trimmed up. Use a right ear and nose hair trimmers such as the Panasonic Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer. Keep those pesky hairs trimmed twice as often as you think you need to. Remember to have your barber or stylist trim and very lightly shape your eyebrows on a regular basis as well. Have a pair of tweezers handy and pluck any strays that grow outside of your normal brow area. Yeah, it’s a pain, but a little suffering is better than looking like a mad scientist.

Once you’ve got your hair under control, remember to invest in a good moisturizer to keep your skin looking fresh and keep your wardrobe trendy.

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