There are always new articles being written sharing tips for beauty and hair care for women, but how often do you see ones for men? It’s about time we started sharing tips for men too, so here you’ll find everything you need to know about caring for men’s curly hair. From answering questions like, “is coconut oil good for hair?” to providing tips for cleaning your hair; you’ll find everything you need right here!

Best men haircare tips for curly hair
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Washing your curls

Curly hair is a great way to create volume and add texture without the need for, an excessive use of hair products, so it’s no surprise that more men are having perms and embracing natural curls. Here are some top tips for how to wash your curly hair.

  1. Only shampoo your curls once a week. This may seem like a crazy idea, but your scalp will naturally produce the oils needed to protect and care for your hair. To keep your curls in the best condition, you want to avoid over-shampooing which can be stripped away those natural oils.
  2. Apply an after-shower cream. There are some amazing products available on the market that will help to care for your curls if your hair gets wet without needing to wash it. They are a great way to add moisture, definition, and volume to your curls.
  3. Try using coconut oil for hair conditioning. Whilst you shouldn’t shampoo your hair every day, conditioning your curls every day is important. Conditioning helps to maintain your curls natural oils and nutrients. If you’re wondering how to use coconut oil for hair care, follow these steps:
    • Melt the coconut oil in a bowl set within a larger bowl of boiling water.
    • Massage the melted coconut oil into your hair to condition it.
    • Coconut oil also works well to detangle your hair, so why not rub it into the ends of your curls when they are wet before brushing.
tips for styling curls
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Top tips for styling your curls

You may think that your curls don’t need too much styling, but there are still some tips that you may need to know when it comes to making sure they look their best.

  1. Make sure you protect your curls before styling. If you’re blow drying your hair after washing it or want to straighten out your natural curls, protect your hair. There are plenty of products available such as heat protection spray to protect your hair before styling.
  2. Afraid of your curls going frizzy? Use a serum or natural oil to tame your curls. Your curly hair may look great, but the last thing you want is for your curls to turn to frizz. Try applying a serum designed to tame frizzy hair or natural oils such as argan oil.
keeping your curls in top condition
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Top tips for keeping your curls in top condition

Once you know how to wash and style your curls, there are some other great tips you may want to take into consideration to make sure they stay in the best condition.

  1. Make sure you book an appointment with the barber. Keeping your curls in their best condition isn’t always just about the care you give them at home. Make sure you have regular appointments with your barber to keep the curls need and offer you the chance to change up your style if you want more volume or just curls on top.
  2. Use a monthly hair mask to give your curls an extra touch of love. A hair mask is a great way to ensure that your curls look their best in between barber appointments. There are a wide range of masks available on the market, from those you leave into those you rinse out.
  3. Avoid brushing your hair on a daily basis. If you want to avoid frizzy hair and loss of curl definition, you shouldn’t be brushing your hair every day. If you do have times you need to untangle your hair, use a wide-tooth comb instead.
  4. Keep your curls as dry as possible. If you can, avoid getting your hair wet, but ensure you keep it moisturized. Use a shower cap when you have a bath or shower, and always wear hats or pop your raincoat hood up if it rains. This will help keep your curls healthy and defined.
curly hair
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No matter whether your hair is naturally curly or you’ve opted for a perm; these top tips and guide to washing and caring for your curls will ensure they look their best every day.

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