Best Men’s Haircut – Expert Tips on How to Find and Communicate with Your Barber or Stylist

Heading to Vegas? Get the perfect cut at the best barber shop in town! But getting a great haircut isn’t as easy as simply walking into a random shop, plopping down, and saying, “just trim it.” If you want to look your absolute best, you’ve got to know how to find the right person to cut your hair and also how to communicate with that person. Check out the best barber in Las Vegas, who have an unbeatable experience with master barbers and offer great hair styling services at the best prices. Stop by and get the perfect haircut, beard trim, or shave. These barbers are experts in using the latest technology and techniques to give you a look you’ll love. Plus, they offer a variety of products to keep your hair looking great. Visit them and check out their services and get the desired look you want!

Getting the Best Men's Haircut
Getting the Best Men’s Haircut. @ menshairs

1. How to Choose a Barbershop or Salon

Many men will pick a shop simply because it is convenient, but it’s important to pick the right type of place for your style. For example, a salon staff will be most proficient in cutting and styling longer hair, but may not be very good at working on very short hair. A stylist in a salon will also likely have more knowledge of color and styling products. A barber, on the other hand, will probably be less likely to have a vast knowledge of color or products, but will be better at cutting shorter styles and can also offer shaves and shaving advice. Sure, these are just generalizations, and there are exceptions to every rule. There are some great barbers capable of cutting long hair, just as there are some great stylists who can do tight haircuts. Picking the right location for your haircut can make a huge difference in the quality of your haircut. Price is also a consideration. Salons will often charge a bit more than barbershops. More »

Choosing Between Barbershops And Salons For Men

2. How to Find a New Barber or Stylist

So, you’ve decided on whether to go to a barbershop or salon. Now, how do you find a haircutter in one of those places that’s right for you? There are several ways. You could simply ask around. Find someone that has a similar style and ask where he got it cut. Online review sites are also helpful in finding a barber or stylist. You can also go in for a very light trim to check out a shop and see if the person cutting your hair is right for you.

3. How to Choose the Right Style for Your Face

Lots of factors can come into play when picking the right haircut. Your face shape and facial features can play a huge role in how good a haircut looks (or doesn’t look). For example, a full, round haircut will not work well on a guy with a round face just as a flattop may not look great on a guy with a diamond-shaped face. Knowing your face shape and facial features and the haircuts that work best with your face will help you pick the right hairstyle and avoid disaster. More »

4. How to Find the Right Style for Your Lifestyle

Yup. Your profession and lifestyle can be a big part of choosing the right hairstyle. If you’re extremely athletic, you may want to avoid long hair or complicated styles. If you’re a businessman, you may want to shy away from overly trendy or aggressively short hairstyles. It’s crucial to take into consideration your environment and the amount of time you’re willing to commit to a style before taking the plunge. More »

5. Communicating With Your Haircutter

Knowing how to communicate with the person who is cutting your hair is critical. Often, guys just sit down and say, “give me a trim.” That can mean different things to different people. It’s important to show up for your haircut knowing exactly what you want (and being realistic in your expectations). Printing a photo of a similar style and taking it with you will certainly help as will show up with a freshly washed head of hair without product or “hat head.” The time of day you go is important — you don’t want to be first or last. Make an appointment whenever possible and, once you find a haircutter you like, stick with that person. Your haircuts will get better as the person doing the cutting gets to know you and your likes and lifestyle.

6. Knowing When it’s Time To Move On

This is often a tough one. As a client, we often become comfortable with the person cutting our hair and stick with them. If you like your haircut, that’s reason enough to stay, but take a look in the mirror. Is the cut still as good as it once was? Has the person who cuts your hair mentioned different options recently? If your answer is, “no” to either, it may be time to try someone else.



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