We all know that guy — the one with the really great hair. That George Clooney kind of guy that we all secretly hate. So, yeah, part of having a great head of hair is genetic, but a lot of it has to do with what you do with your hair. For example, I’ve got a client who has a potentially amazing head of long, curly hair, but it’s normally a frizzy mess. He towel dries wrong and stretches it into a man bun on the top of his head. If not for those things, his hair would look amazing. For the guys with less than perfect genetics who still maintain a glorious mane, there are a few things they consistently do. These are five habits of guys with great hair.

Guys with Great Hair
Five Habits of Guys with Great Hair: Photo © Justin Case | Getty Images

They Get Great Haircuts

This is, for me, a no-brainer. Every great looking head of hair starts with a getting a great haircut, but so many guys try to skimp by going to the cheapest barbershop or chain salon they can find. Your hairstyle is such a huge part of your look; I think it’s important to invest in the best cut you can find.

A great barber or stylist will know how to cut your hair in a manner that works great with your hair type and face shape and will show you the correct products to us (and how to use them) to make the most out of your haircut. You won’t get that kind of attention from the $12 chain shop.

They Shampoo and Condition Properly

Shampooing and conditioning your hair the wrong way, with the wrong product, can have a negative impact on the way your hair looks. The right shampoo and conditioners can work wonders. There are all kinds of hair types (dry, oily, curly, fine, etc.) and certain shampoos and conditioners specifically target those hair types, so it’s best to choose a product specifically for your hair type (rather than just grabbing whatever your wife or girlfriend has on hand). Using the right product and the right shampooing technique can make the world of difference.

They Avoid Chemical Services

One of the common damaging things you can do to your hair is to treat it chemically (perms, color, relaxers). These products, while much better than in previous years), break down the hair to alter its color or texture. Unlike other parts of your body, hair has no nerve endings, blood supply, or healing properties (which is why the term “healthy hair” has always been kind of funny to me). Once hair is damaged, it doesn’t heal itself. Sure, you can temporarily correct some damage using the product, but the only way to really “fix” damaged hair is to wait for it to grow out, cut it off, and don’t make the same mistakes again.

They Dry the Right Way

Drying hair improperly is one of the most significant sources of damage to men’s hair — when your hair is wet, it is also more susceptible to damage. Guys often rub their head with a towel which can cause the hairs to become tangled in the fibers of the towel and the get stretched out (which can damage the hair and cause frizz). Some guys even load up their hair with tons of product and blow it dry on high heat, which can cause more damage. The best way to properly dry your hair is to dry your hair by patting or gently squeezing out excess water with a microfiber towel, styling it the way you like, and letting hair air dry the rest of the way.

They Take Care of Their Scalp

Another area of hair care guys neglect is taking care of the scalp — the place hair grows from, to begin with. A lawn needs healthy soil to prosper, and hair needs a healthy scalp. Washing your hair properly with the right products, exfoliating the scalp every few weeks, and massaging your scalp help keep it clean, and increase blood flow.

If you follow these five habits of guys with great hair, you’ll be surprised how much better your hair will look, regardless of the hand genetics dealt you.

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