A great haircut for kids is all about finding a style that matches their personality while being cool and low-maintenance for school. While there are many stylish choices, the most popular boy’s haircuts are the comb over fade, faux hawk taper, textured quiff, side swept crew cut, short curls, modern spikes and longer flowing hair. For inspiration before visiting the barbershop, here are some examples of the best hairstyles for boys that will look effortlessly cute and fashionable.

Stylish Haircuts For Boys

Comb Over

Stylish Haircuts For Boys

The classic comb over is iconic and easy to recreate at home, especially for straight, thick hair. According to this style guide, a hard part comb over with a taper fade on the sides and back is an on-trend look that’s become a favorite with little boys and parents.

A sharp, well-defined part placed deep on one side of the head gives this signature cut its flair. It works well with a wide range of other style elements, including a taper fade or undercut. For the right results, the section of hair combed over from the part should be at least two inches long. Longer hair can also work well.

If you want a crisp, clean look, keep the hair at the sides and back a little longer. For more visual contrast and a look with some attitude, clip the sides and back much shorter. To recreate the look at home, just part the hair in the same place, comb it to the opposite side, and then hold it all in place with a medium- to strong-hold product.


Mohawk Hair For Boys

The mohawk has been a beloved style for boys of all ages since the 1980s, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. While the look used to be associated with anarchy and punk, the cute kid’s version is a semi-edgy style that looks adorable. To create it, the barber will clip the hair along the sides of the head rather short while leaving a two- to three-inch strip from the forehead to the nape of the neck quite a bit longer.

To rock a classic hawk, leave the strip of hair five or six inches long and style it straight up in thick spikes. For a more subdued look, leave the strip of hair shorter and style with a smaller spiky look. Shaving the sides down to the skin creates visual contrast no matter how long the center strip might be; leaving the sides slightly longer makes it look less edgy.


Boy's Quiff Haircut

If your little boy always wants to look his best, the quiff is a “grownup” style that many kids find appealing. It involves leaving a piece of hair at the front and center of the head a little longer than the rest, then brushing it upward and back to create the signature swoop. Longer hair adds more interest and turns heads, but shorter hair offers a more toned-down approach.

Lots of style elements work especially well with the quiff. Boys who want slightly longer and more luxurious hair will appreciate a casually textured quiff that pairs well with a mid fade. On the other hand, boys who prefer a shorter and more military-like cut will appreciate a shorter ‘do with a low fade.

Crew Cut

Boy's Crew Haircut

The crew cut is the epitome of classic military styles, and it’s especially popular among younger boys who want cuts like their dads’. There are several benefits for parents and caregivers, too: it’s easy to style at home and easy to maintain long term. Because most barbers use clippers and all you need is a straightforward tutorial, a crew cut can be a good choice if you want to save money cutting your kid’s hair at home. You can pair a classic crew with a high skin fade, a hard part, or a high and tight to add a bit of unique personality.

One of the most popular looks on very young boys right now is the crew cut with a slight lift at the forehead. Just leave the hair behind the forehead slightly longer than the rest, part the hair on one side, and comb the hair over in the opposite direction. Then use a comb or brush to give the slightly longer hair a bit of lift before moving it toward the same side.

Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair For Boys

There’s nothing cuter and more heartwarming than boys with short curly hair. Curls are stunning on all kids, but letting them grow out is a recipe for knots, tears, and frustration. Cropping them closer to the head is ideal for showing off their texture while maintaining their manageability. Boys with coils and curls can rock all kinds of looks, ranging from a subtle faux hawk to cute textured styles.

For black hair, some options include a classic short afro with a bald fade or a textured afro with an undercut. One of the most popular cuts for kids is the temp fade, which looks spectacular with naturally tight curls. It looks clean and sharp, especially when paired with a line up.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Haircuts

The faux hawk is every little boy’s favorite haircut, and while some parents and caregivers may find it too bold, there are lots of ways to make this cut look subtler. Unlike the mohawk, which involves a drastic difference between the lengths of the hair on the top and sides, this cut creates less visual contrast. For example, a faux hawk is often paired with a taper fade while a true mohawk is paired with shaved or buzzed sides.

The best part about this cut is that it works well with virtually all hair types, whether your five-year-old still has fairly thin curls or your 12-year-old sports thick, straight tresses. The longer the strip of hair on top, the more maintenance and styling it will require, so keep that in mind. Short, curly hair just needs a little tousling, but long, straight hair will often need to be kept in place with some gel.

Ivy League

Ivy League Haircut for Boys

The Ivy League is one of the most adorable haircuts ever created for little boys. It combines a crew cut’s notoriously short hair with the side swept style of a side part. The result is a very formal, clean, and handsome-looking style that looks great on little boys and men of all ages.

This cut looks great with all face shapes and hair textures, which makes it a no-brainer for parents and caregivers who want their little boys to look their best without much fuss. It is primarily intended for straight hair, but with a little manipulation, it works well with wavy curls. For boys with unruly hair, plan to use some styling gel or even hairspray to hold the style in place.

Medium Flowing Hair

Medium Flowing Hair For Boys

A medium to longer hairstyle is a stylish and versatile look that can make a cool fashion statement. From long and flowing to the bun, there’s no shortage of medium-flowing haircuts to satisfy this trend. Some boys prefer to keep the back of their hair relatively short with a bit of extra length on the top and sides, but others enjoy hair long enough to pull back into a sleek ponytail. The messy hair trend continues to be a favorite, and it’s perfect for boys who have some natural wave or curl to their hair.

When choosing a cut, the hair’s texture and thickness will play an important role in styling it at home. Straight hair tends to be easier to manage, but waves and curls often need a bit of cajoling before they’ll stay in place. Boys who have very fine hair will sacrifice some volume for length, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, boys who have thick curls may find some medium styles too voluminous.

Spiky Hair

Boys Spiky Haircut

Every little boy is a fan of spiky hair, and there are plenty of handsome ways to wear it. From the classic mohawk with its broad, thick, sharp spikes to a shorter and more subdued faux hawk, there’s something for everyone. It’s even possible to combine the classic shape of an Ivy League, quiff, or crew cut with a few handsome textured spikes at the front.

For even more volume and pizzazz, leave the hair on the top and crown of the head about two or three inches long, then create a taper fade around the back and sides. Using a strong styling product, brush the top section of hair straight up and let the spikes really shine. For a quirkier look, create a deep side part and sweep the spikes over to the opposite side.

Slick Back

Slick Back Hairstyle For Boys

The slick back ranges from incredibly simple to fairly complex depending on the hair’s length and texture. For very young little boys with shorter, finer hair, it’s easy to brush the hair straight back and hold it in place with a strong-hold product. It’s a little more difficult to achieve this ‘do with very thick hair; one of the best ways is to blow-dry the wet hair straight back before applying the styling product.

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