Caring for your hair while traveling takes a bit of planning. While on the road, you can’t always carry your full bathroom set-up, so follow these quick tips for making the most out of your limited travel arsenal.

Caring for Your Hair While Traveling
  • Prioritize. Make a list of all of the hair, skin, and shaving items you use while at home so you remember to pack everything. Cross off any items that aren’t completely necessary.
  • Pack Small. This reduces the bulk of stuff you have to carry around. Look for products in sizes smaller than three ounces so you meet TSA guidelines for air travel. Menscience makes a great Travel Kit that pretty much covers all the bases. As an alternative, transfer your favorite products to smaller containers that meet TSA regs. Don’t forget to put everything in a plastic zip-lock bag.
  • Leave the Dryer. If you’re the type of guy who uses a blow-dryer in the morning, leave it at home. Most hotel rooms provide a dryer for you. It might not be as good as that 18,000 watt turbo ionic mega dryer you have at home, but it should do the trick in a pinch. When in doubt, call ahead and ask.
  • Bring a Hat. A good hat, if appropriate for your travel situation, can save you a great deal of time and be a stylish alternative to fussing the styling product before you leave the hotel. Pack a few different styles to compliment your wardrobe.
  • Get a Haircut. Before you leave, get a good haircut. This will make your hair easier to maintain while traveling. If you’re going for an extended trip, consider a short, low-maintenance cut that will look good with minimum care.
  • Don’t Worry About It. If you’re traveling for fun, don’t think too much about your hair. Just relax and roll with it — the people you encounter are probably far less concerned about your hair than you are.
  • Save the Haircut for Home. I’ve fixed a lot of bad haircuts guys received while traveling. The reality is that there are some less than professional barbers and stylists out there who will skimp on the quality if they know they’ll never see you again. If you MUST get a cut on the road, never let ’em know you’re from out of town.
  • Get Groomed On the Go. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to find a great barbershop or salon and stop in for a shampoo, style, and shave (but not a haircut — see above). It’s a great way to relax and perfect if you have an event that requires you to be well-groomed.

Happy travels!

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