This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at just how many guys have trouble booking an appointment. Before you pick up the phone, keep the following points in mind.

Be Prepared

Before you call, make sure you have an idea of what time you want to come in. Have a few backup times ready just in case your first choice is not available. It is also helpful to know which barber or stylist you’d like to perform your service.

If you’re unsure, describe your style to the receptionist who may be able to guide you to the right haircutter. Many salons have websites which allow you to select a time and book online — use this option if it’s available.

Pick a Good Time

I suggest booking in the middle of the day when your stylist is likely a bit slower (and probably fresher).

Early mornings and late afternoons are often busiest in the shop, and you may be more rushed during peak times. In the morning, a stylist or barber may still be “warming up” and at the end of the day will likely be tired and ready to go home. The middle of the day is usually a safe bet.

Be On Time

Of course, you don’t want a barber or stylist rushing through your haircut. If you’re late for an appointment, this may be exactly what happens. Your haircutter is not going to want to run late on the appointments which follow yours, so they’ll more than likely cut corners on your service to make up time. Make sure you plan your appointment to give you ample time to make it to the salon on time.

Cancel 24 Hours in Advance

Out of respect for your service provider, if you cannot make an appointment time, always try your best to cancel minimum 24 hours in advance.

Avoid too many cancellations as your barber or stylist may become reluctant to book you in the future.

Check it Out

If this is your first visit to this barbershop, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Will you be comfortable in the environment? Is your new barber or stylist capable of giving you excellent service?

If you’re unsure, for your first visit, I suggest scheduling a trim. If the cut turns out badly, you can find a new barber or stylist for a fix-up.

Properly booking an appointment, being prepared, and being on time are a few ways to become your barber or stylists’, the favorite client!

Making an appointment correctly is just the first step in making the most of your salon visit.

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