Men’s hairstyling has come a long way in recent decades. We’re leaving those days behind us and enjoying the fact that men can now feel free to ramp up their hair.

As we leave 2021 in the dust, we are looking for new and emerging trends. Read on to find the best men’s hair color for the new year.

What is the most attractive male hair color?

Surfer Blonde

Always popular with the ladies, those long and slightly wavy locks are sure to win over the girls. You know, the kind where it looks like you’ve just slipped off the beach, carrying a surfboard.

Surfer blonde may ring a bell if you’ve ever seen a movie or an ad featuring what we’ve just described above. It’s one of those natural-looking men’s hairstyles.

To achieve this, you’ll need the hands of a professional. They’ll likely add some natural highlights and a few lowlights to get that sun-bleached look.

Bleached Out Babe

Something that has recently been popular with the ladies is the bleached blonde look. The 2022 hair color trends are telling us that this is switching over to the guys now. Depending on where you live, this one works best during the warmer months.

When choosing a men’s hair color, you’ll want to consider skin tone as well. If you are on the pale side, this one may wash you out a bit.

Color on Top With Fade

Fades have always been a staple of styling men’s hair. Trending now is keeping your natural hair color in the area that has the fade with color on top.

A simple version of this may be opting for some blonde but you can take it to another level. Purple, blue, orange, or whatever you happen to be feeling could be a good option.


Instead of going crazy with the brightest color you can imagine, think softer. Pastels are a bit harder to manage but they offer a sick look.

Light purple, blue, and even pink are perfect to complete your pastel look. Make keeping up with them easier by adding some semi-permanent color to your condition. This will freshen up the pastel each time you shower.

Going Grey

Speaking of lighter colors, grey or silver has had its heyday in hair color trends. However, it hasn’t completely fizzled out. The key to this hair color is doing it the right way.

If you think pastels are hard to manage, then consider grey the next level up. This trend will take a lot of work to maintain and probably a lot of dough.

Curly Colors

Hop on any social media and search for some of the biggest influencers. What you may notice is the amount of them that are embracing their curls or faking it all together.

Perms are making a comeback but this time for dudes. Take yours a step above and go with curly colors!

All these young guys are making it look really easy. However, hair loss is common. There are hair replacement systems to help.

Best Men’s Hair Color

Now that you’ve seen the best men’s hair colors for 2022, you’re one step closer to spicing up your style. Remember, you’re better off seeing a professional for any hairstyling needs. Disasters do happen when you try to DIY.

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