beard face shape
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The important thing is always a neat beard, well maintained.

The beard is a resource that helps many men, gives them a more masculine, strong, benefiting the very thin face, and helps to hide imperfections (scars, acne, enlarged pores, etc.). But not just any type of beard goes with any type of face. So, these are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to grow a beard.

While you’re considering the perfect beard style, maintaining them is also a part of your consideration. There are specific products that you can use to maintain your beards such as beard wash, beard butter, and beard oil among others. You can check them out online and choose the one that suits your style.

Face with double chin

In this case, the best remedy is to opt for a full beard, in addition to concealing the hideous double chin, and refine the face.

Square faces

For this type of face is not recommended fully beard padlock since it will take that face Chin and jaw; even your face will be much more square yet. The beard that helps, in this case, is a goatee style (knob) long, to be located in the area around the mouth and prolong the Chin; it refines and extends.

Round face

For round faces, the best is a short goatee; play with the straight lines connecting the beard to the sideburns.

Oval face

This type of face does not favor them at all goatee (only on the Chin) since it extends further its form when what we need to achieve is to shorten it. It is recommended to use a neat, bushy beard for one of 2 days, which also needs to be trimmed and maintained on a daily basis. This type of beard is for men that have an informal style, seeking to pretend to be tough, Bohemian.

Prominent cheekbones

It is advisable to grow the mustache and leave a more short Chin beard (beard called collar), which gives the impression that the cheekbones are not as marked. The beard, neatly trimmed in the area of ​​the neck and cheeks, favors the triangular face’s cheekbones.

Whatever the type of face or beard type chosen, the important thing is to always keep it neat and tidy, as it gives the frame the face and is the first thing you see.

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