Your Guide to Brow Products: Which Are Best for Your Type of Brows?

It can be intimidating to walk into your local Sephora, take a look at all the brow products and try to pick the one that’s right for your brow type.

Can we all just take a moment and talk about how important brows are? Basically, no one cared about them until Cara Delevingne stepped onto the scene and showed everyone how much they really change your face.

For me personally, I was a total plucker for basically ever. When I saw how powerful eyebrows really are in the case of framing your face, I immediately stopped plucking and let my brows grow, grow, grow—literally to the point where I was actually repulsed by what I saw in the mirror. Now, my brows are hella shaped and full, and I’m feeling more like a Burberry model than ever (minus the whole supermodel body thing, but..). Unlike me, there are many people who don’t have much growth and want dense bushy eyebrows. They can get eyebrow extensions done by the experts like because they have a team of skilled beauticians who will help you get the perfect brows that will look natural.

Needless to say that through my brow journey, I’ve used a ton of different types of brow products since my needs have changed so much over the time that I was growing them out. It can be intimidating to shop at Fresh Dailies, take a look at all the brow products and try to pick the one that’s right for your brow type, so I’ve put together this little guide for you bitties.

New Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

4 in 1 Easy to Wear Eyebrow Contour Pen Defining

This is the product that I’ve been most recently obsessing over. Because my brows are in pretty good shape and all I really want to do is sculpt them a bit more, this pencil is perfect. As you can see in the photo above, this pencil takes on the shape of a tall triangle. This means that you can easily create long, clean, straight lines to get your brows in perfect shape. Of course, you can use this to fill in sparse areas, but I think no matter how you use this, you’re going to be left with very sculpted brows.

I personally use 4 in 1 Easy Long-Wear Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. Its neutral tone is almost fool-proof, matching any color brow. More swipes create a deeper color.

Find the perfect eyebrow pencil to give your eyebrows a cleaner and more beautiful look. Fresh Dailies carry every eyebrow pencil you could want here as well as tons of eye makeup and mascara to go along with your gorgeous-looking brows! Get the eyebrow pencil you need here at

Eyebrow Fillers

The Best Eyebrow Fillers for Every Type of Brow

You’re probably wondering why I have two brow pencils here, but trust me when I say that all brow pencils are not created equal. Of both brow pencils, this is the one that’s going to make your brow look the most natural. Yes, you can define them like you would with the sculpting pencil, but this pointed pencil is really best for drawing in individual brow hairs and filling in sparse areas. Whether you are someone with great shape who just needs to fake a few hairs or someone who needs to create false hairs for half your brow, a simple, sharp brow pencil like this is a great option.

Pomades ideas

2 in 1 Lasting Dip Eye-liner and Mascara Set

Pomades are a really great tool to use if you are looking to completely reshape your brows. For those of you who are on the skinny brow struggle bus, using a gel pomade will probably change your life. You can draw in individual brow hairs and fill in sparse areas with just one product. A pomade is also the best option for someone who wants supercut and clean brows like you are probably seeing all over Instagram. I love using it with a very skinny, long, and pointed brush like this liner brush.

My go-to is 2 in 1 Lasting Dip Eyeliner and Mascara, as shown above. It’s affordable, lasts all day, and doesn’t flake all over the place.

Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

A tinted brow gel is a great option for someone who has a great shape to their brows but lacks volume or struggles with unevenness throughout the brow. Ever since I grew out my brows, this is one product that I use daily. It has small brow-like fiber in it, so even when it’s adding color, it’s actually attaching fibers to the hairs you have to make your brows appear thicker and fuller. This isn’t the best option for someone who has super thin brows since it’s only going to stick to hairs you already have, not create new ones.

Brow Gels To Keep Your Eyebrows in Place

Brow Gels To Keep Your Eyebrows in Place

For those of you who are blessed with beautifully shaped and full brows, all you should really need is a good clear brow gel. This brow product won’t add fibers, volume, or color to your brows. It’s really just going to hold them in place. If you’re someone with bushier brows, you’ll probably love a clear brow gel since they can hold any crazy hairs right where you want them all day long.

The Best Products For Perfectly Enhancing Your Eyebrows

The way you go about enhancing your eyebrows can totally change your face. Thin, dark brows offer a romantic 1920s look; arched, a sharply angled shape looks sexy and sophisticated; thick, square brows will always be reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. But navigating through the waxes and the fillers, pencils, and powders can be overwhelming to a brow beginner, so we’ve rounded up the best of the best products to fill, pluck, define, and shape your eyebrows.

Now, while there are some eyebrow looks that I’m not too keen on–crescent moon brows, anyone?–it is up to you to decide how you want to do your own face framers. If you’ve got crazy hair color, you can play that up by matching your eyebrows. If you want an ombre brow, go for it (just don’t be surprised when everybody thinks you always look surprised). No matter what, these products will help you achieve the look you’re going for, so give them a try next time you want to define your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow makeup can transform the arches above your eyes into wonderful frames. They can add definition, fill in sparse areas, deepen, cover gray, create a hue closer to your tresses and hold brows in place.

We’ll go over the different kinds of products out there, what they each are good for, and tips for using them. If the right tones, products, and tools are used correctly, brows can look magnificent and natural. Lack of skill, off-tones, and an overly heavy hand can create the wrong kind of focal point. More than one product may be used to get what you’re trying to achieve.

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows: Which Brow Product Works Best?

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows
Which brow product is best for getting thicker, darker eyebrows?

My eyebrows have always been very low-maintenance. In fact, before this article, I had never done anything to them, aside from tweezing a few stray hairs once a month. I was blessed with good eyebrows, one of the only things I am very confident about. When I was 13-years-old, I went to a team of makeup artists to get my makeup done, and they begged me to never, ever wax my brows or even touch them at all – and I listened. I have somehow gone over 20 years of life without giving my eyebrows a second thought.

But lately, I’ve been thinking about my brows more and more, probably because thick, dark eyebrows (like Cara Delevingne’s) are so in right now. I’ve been examining my brows in the mirror, wondering if maybe I should do something to them. I love my brows, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, I feel like I could do a little more to shape them, or maybe just give them a little more oomph.

So, I decided to experiment. Whenever I asked my eyebrow-product-fiend friends what I should try, they all gave me the same answer: anything by Anastasia Beverly Hills, a beauty brand known for their amazing brow products. I got my hands on their best-selling items and tried them all out this weekend to find out which brow product was best for thick, natural-looking brows. 

Now, keep in mind that:

  • my brows are naturally on the thicker and darker side, so there’s that;
  • I took all of these photos with my iPhone camera, which is pretty good but still not great for hi-res images; and
  • I am awkward at selfies, so sorry if I look miserable in all of these. 

What I really wanted to show you guys is how a true first-timer can work with eyebrow products that might seem kind of intimidating.

So, which Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product is the best and easiest to use? Find out what I think after my weekend of playing with my brows – then let me know what YOU like the most!

What do you use on your eyebrows? Which product is your favorite? Tell me in the comments.

What are your favorite brow products? Let me know in the comments below!

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