There are several lashes types that you should be conversant with if you just started doing your lashes. Lashes extensions are made from different materials; silk, synthetic, human, and even horsehair. This is because they are classified with quality, design, and outlook. Understanding different lashes make identifying your preferred type during lashes fill-in. Among other lashes, there are mink and faux mink lashes; despite their little similarity, several attributes make them different. More information on comparing mink and faux mink lashes is provided below.

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are made from fur derived from an animal known as mink. The animal’s fur is also used to make other valuable beauty products and clothes. Some features can easily be spotted in mink lashes; they are soft, expensive, and lightweight. These lashes are currently considered the best quality because they tend to sit better on your eyes. They are also lightweight, making them feel comfortable for casual and official looks. Some dealers tend to imitate mink lashes; ensure that you settle on quality dealers only; you can even check out referrals from people you trust in the beauty industry. This is to ensure that you get quality lashes and find value for your own money.

Faux mink lashes

Faux mink lashes

Compared to mink lashes with a natural outlook, faux mink lashes are artificial. They are made from synthetic material and tend to have many modifications. Unlike mink lashes that tend to have simple details, you can choose to have your faux mink lashes fluffy, more extended, and even made to the design of your liking. There are different qualities of faux mink lashes depending on the modifications made; you should inquire about this before purchase.

Differences between mink and faux mink lashes

Different attributes are used to differentiate mink and faux mink lashes, and you should be well conversant about this before purchasing.

1. Material source 

The most significant difference between mink and faux mink lashes is the source of material used to make them. There are second-class mink lashes made from a synthetic material that you should be conversant with.

2. Cost

Mink lashes are very expensive compared to faux mink lashes because the material used to make them tends to be unique and very rare to settle on. On the other hand, faux mink lashes are made from synthetic material, found quickly, and cheaper.

3. Variety

There are different varieties of mink and faux mink lashes; it is always essential for one to check out the different categories during purchase. The categories are differentiated in the following ways; design, length, and outlook. This should help you to understand best when determining between mink vs faux mink lashes.

How to identify faux mink lashes and mink lashes?

It is straightforward for one to identify quality mink lashes, especially if you do not trust the source. All you need to do is apply a lighter and try burning the mink lashes; if it turns to plain ashes that are original mink, if they turn it something similar to plastic, you should know that the mink lashes are made from synthetic material.

Which lashes are better, mink lashes or faux mink lashes?

Whether to get mink lashes or faux mink lashes, it is essential to understand your budget; mink lashes are expensive where faux mink lashes are cheap therefore readily available. Some people have their recommendations on the type of lashes that you need to purchase.

Important points to consider when purchasing either faux mink or mink lashes

1. Application

One needs to understand that lashes extensions are applied differently; this depends on their structure and the products used to apply them. Being well informed on their application before purchase is essential; it helps you understand how much volume of lashes you need and the budget you need when seeking a lash technician to apply the lashes on your eyes. Most lashes tend to last up to eight weeks; this should help you make the right decision on how you need the lashes applied and what you need during application.

2. Price and durability

Quality lash extensions should last from six to eight weeks; always check out different lash options from different dealers to ensure that you have a variety of categories to check out from. You should not be pleased by lash that goes at a cheap price; they may be of poor quality leading to eye infections that may be expensive to treat. Mink lashes tend to last for an extended period than lashes made from synthetic material; it would be best to spend an extra dime and get quality lashes for your eyes.

3. Maintenance

How long your lashes last is, at times, determined by the kind of maintenance you choose to do. Normalize brushing your lashes with a soft and quality eyelash brush. It would help if you were gentle on the lashes to ensure that they do not fall off; it is advisable to be conscious of the shower and beauty products you use. This is because it can make your lash weak thus. One week after having your lashes filled in, you should keep off activities that make you sweat; it makes your lashes weak, peeling off quickly. It is always recommended that one keep checking out more guidance on how to take care of lashes to maintain them at their best state.

4. Weight

There are different volumes of lashes that you can apply to your eyes; if you are doing this for the first time, consider going for hybrid lashes. They are light, averagely simple as well as make someone feel comfortable. It is important to note that lashes require modification to make them fluffy or even longer; choose what you find best for you and lashes that do not require much maintenance practice.

Both mink and faux mink lash are best to wear according to their specifications. One needs to choose the best for purchase by considering different purchase factors to get the best lashes for use.

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