What Does Your Makeup Look Say About You
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What Does Your Makeup Look Really Say About You?

From bold lips to barely-there fresh skin, there’s so many makeup looks to choose from when it comes to defining your personal style. Sometimes it takes us a little while to get into the groove of what we feel looks best and makes us most comfortable, and knowing you look amazing is the most important way to feel. So what do you think your makeup says about you? Are you confident in the products and colors you’ve chosen to wear every day, or do you find yourself wanting to break out of the mold and try something new?

If you tend to stick to the same thing, you can always gain inspiration from these looks, so read my breakdown on these 4 classic trends and find out what they really mean!

The Statement Lip

Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls. Photo Credit: Getty Images

If you love to rock a statement lip and not much else, this pretty much says you have no time for insignificant drama. You’re not interested in the small details and you like to get straight to the point, and a powerful, bold lip color sends the message are confident in yourself and don’t get easily attached to what other people think of you. You most likely have a few amazing girlfriends who understand your blunt nature and can handle it, and you never show up late to an appointment.

You’re a leader among peers and can tend to have a high powered position at work, like owning your own company or running a large team of people. Go on ahead and get that promotion.

Classic Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. Photo Credit: Getty Images

If you go to look is this classic Hollywood staple, this can say that you feel most comfortable in a routine. You never miss a morning workout and you know how to perfectly pack a suitcase each and every time. Choosing a makeup look that never goes out of style is says you’re pretty much in it for the long run and you have an organized plan to get yourself there, which is great because you don’t get distracted.

You might find yourself buying several dresses in the same color (black for instance) and always choosing the high road when it comes to conflict among friends and loved ones. You are loyal to a fault and everyone knows they can count on you, which is why you’re the first person anyone calls in a crisis. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself now and then, like a long luxurious facial or a full day at the spa. Type A+.

No-Fuss Natural

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose. Photo Credit: Getty Images

natural makeup look with just enough color on the lips and definition on the brows says you have a little wanderlust in your blood. One day you could be daydreaming about hiking Mt. Everest, while the next you’re daydreaming about beach hopping in Thailand. You tend to gravitate more to comfortable clothing, like free-flowing dresses, and hope whatever hairstyle you’ve chosen for the day can be achieved while it air-dries.

You have a quick routine on how to get your makeup looking flawless and spend the rest of the time thinking about where your next adventure could be. Get those airline miles, girl.

Romantic and Defined

A defined makeup look in which the eyes pop out and your skin is perfectly contoured sends the message that you will not settle for anything but the best. You take your time when it comes to things that really matter, and having the perfect presentation is important to you, no matter what you’re doing. For instance, you are the classic type who could host everyone for Thanksgiving dinner and nail it from the flowers to the food.

There’s no stopping you when you want something done a certain way, which is why you work the best solo. You put effort into creating beautiful things and you expect people to do the same for you. Your time can’t be wasted and you don’t waste anyone else’s either, making you a pretty cool chick to hang around.

3 Tips For Wearing Bold Eyeshadow

Wearing Bold Eyeshadow
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Bold, Colorful Eyeshadow Made Easy

Wearing colors can be fun and scary at the same time. While most of us opt for neutral tones it’s always fun to switch things up a bit when wanting to try something new. When wearing bolder eyeshadow looks, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it looks just as beautiful and tasteful as possible. Here are my 3 tips for wearing bold eyeshadow that will leave you wanting to experiment right away!

1. Always Prime: Always use eyeshadow primer on the lids to ensure nothing creases or disappears after a few hours. Not only is this a good idea for any eyeshadow, when it comes to bolder colors you want to make sure they stay neat and in place. Eyeshadow primer will help you achieve the longevity you need to keep your color intact all day long.

2. Keep it Tight: When wearing bold colors on the eyes, keep it tight as to the lid or liner only. Blending tons of color everywhere can sometimes turn into a disaster, and you want to make sure it still looks polished. By adding some gorgeous jewel tones to your lids and blending softly with an eyeshadow brush, you’re more likely to look and feel your best with your newly chosen shadow hue.

3. Eyes or Lips, Not Both: When rocking more intense shadow looks, keep your lips in a more neutral tone as not to clash with the color or make too much of a makeup statement. It’s always a general rule of thumb to maintain balance instead of trying to add a ton of color everywhere all at once.

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