What Your Eyeliner Says About You
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Your eyeliner style, shape, shade, and tool say a lot about your personality. What does yours say about you?

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then eyeliner is the curtain that occasionally discloses what the soul is trying to communicate at any given time (or something). The makeup you choose indeed reveals aspects of your personality and depending on how you decide to frame your pretty peepers, you may be revealing quite a bit.

Single Line On Top

Single Line On Top
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You’re a practical person who rarely drinks too much, but when you do, everyone thinks you’re hilarious (in a good way). You enjoy going to bars, but not the kind where everybody’s sweaty and dancing, and you can’t hear yourself think. Online dating is something you have fun doing but don’t take too seriously because you’d still prefer to meet people organically. While your room is a bit cluttered on occasion, it is never dirty. The idea of going to a music festival for three days sounds very, very stressful.

Cat Eye

Cat Eye

People say you are a great kisser. You believe in having a signature scent, and even though nobody seems to be able to pinpoint yours, you constantly get compliments on how good you smell. Sometimes when you drink, you tell dates too much about your life and then regret it in the morning. Men with well-groomed mustaches and/or women who wear kitten heels are your weakness. You secretly wish you could be Martha Stewart, minus the jail thing. When people ask you where you bought that lovely dress, the answer is always a hidden gem of a shop that seemingly only you know of.


Marc Jacobs blue eyeliner
Marc Jacobs blue eyeliner. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

You don’t care to be a regular at any local bar because you’re too busy exploring the city to settle down just yet. You would rather hold hands on a first date than make out, though you do enjoy pecking for a moment after being walked home. Everyone asks you for style advice, but it seems like strangers ask you for life advice entirely too often, too. When you see a pair of heels in your size for under $40 in any color other than black, you take it as a sign that you must buy them. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but only if it is artificially colored green.

Only On The Bottom

Nicky Nichols eyeliner makeup Orange is the New Black
Nicky Nichols eyeliner makeup Orange is the New Black.

You genuinely could not care less about how other people perceive your style–you dress for yourself, and that makes it possible for you to pull off looks nobody else can. You swear in public sometimes, but never in front of children or the elderly. Friends turn to you when they need tough love. You crack your neck in front of other people, and it makes them cringe every single time.

Exaggerated Cat Eye

Exaggerated Cat Eye
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When on the subway, you like to make eye contact with the most intriguing person in the car, aware that you are the most intriguing person to others around you. People always comment that they thought you were going to be mean before they got to know you. At work, you come up with creative solutions nobody would’ve thought of that sound weird at first, but always seem to be effective. You spent too much money on Betsey Johnson purses in your early twenties, though nowadays you prefer to only wear designer items you found at sample sales or thrift shops–a fact you will profess to anybody who asks. “Why would I drop $400 on jeans I can get for $40?” you will inquire, simultaneously wishing you could occasionally spend $400 on a pair of pants.

Inner Rims

What Your Eyeliner Says About You: Inner Rims

You like to keep everything inside, if only because most people annoy you–though you are fiercely loyal when you do like a person. Everyone asks you for music recommendations; your Spotify playlists are practically gold. You don’t mind going to bars alone and sometimes even like to take yourself on dates to fancy restaurants. Your walls are covered in framed artwork, and you hate that you have a roommate who still has posters up.

Outer Corners

Outer Corners: What Your Eyeliner Says About You
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Career-wise, you know what you want and know how to get it. You are one of the few people who know how to style a pencil skirt properly. You have no idea how to use bronzer. When you go on a date, you are excellent at flirting without being over-the-top, though this occasionally results in you being unsure of where you stand at the end of the night. Kim Kardashian’s life makes no sense to you, but you have to admit that you respect her a little bit for making so much money despite a lack of any qualifications whatsoever. You always let people know when you are running late, which is very courteous of you.

Thick & Smudged

Thick & Smudged Eyeliner
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You do not “high five.” You go to a lot of shows, but only because you know at least one person in every band. In your closet, there are one or more pairs of jeans you have owned since college, if not high school. You prefer boxer briefs and have not entered a Victoria’s Secret since the ninth grade. Whiskey gingers are probably your favorite drink, but you’ll also consume whatever beer’s on tap as long as it’s not PBR. You refuse to acknowledge how much you love cuddling. When people ask you if you have heard of a bar they just discovered, your answer is always, “Oh, that place? I guess during my sophomore year, but not so much now.”


how to apply eyeliner

You are excellent at directions, probably because you are actually paying attention to the street signs at all times, even in cities you visit where most people would rather take Instagram photos. While you understand social media, you see it as frivolous and rarely post unless it’s to make fun of something. Making good food comes easily to you, and you find it pitiful when you encounter people your own age who can’t cook chicken correctly. People ask you for your advice on their love lives because they know you won’t sugarcoat it. You would rather read the Wikipedia pages for all the Oscar-nominated films than watching them.

An Awkward Gap Between Your Lashes & Liner

An Awkward Gap Between Your Lashes & Liner

You never really learned to put eyeliner on, but that’s because you had more important things to do, like invent a new way to roll sushi or write a series of successful graphic novels about an anthropomorphic wolf. You are not one to overdo it on alcohol, though on occasion, you drink entirely too much espresso sans milk and have to sit down for a while. You would probably look amazing with an angled bob for the summer, but you wouldn’t know because you haven’t made it to the hairdresser in six months.

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