Clown contouring is the latest twist on how to define your face. Find out what it is and how to get the look.

New contouring variations just keep on coming. If you haven’t mastered regular contouring, you’re behind because you’ll also have to learn about colorless contouringstrobing (contouring without dark shades), hair contouring, and cleavage contouring, if you want a full-body contoured look. At the way things are going, expect foot contouring to be a thing soon, although I have no doubt there is already a YouTube video on it. You may have to start buying contouring palettes in bulk to try all of the new twists.

Here’s the lowdown on clown contouring:

Where did the idea come from?

YouTube beauty blogger BellaDeLune is credited for making clown contouring a thing. She originally posted a video in response to the trolls who called a “clown” for her regular contoured makeup. According to the Daily Mail, she received a huge response to the video and people were actually asking for a proper tutorial. Evidently, if someone sees a poo emoji on someone’s forehead, they immediately want to know how they can work that into their makeup routine.

How is the technique different from regular contouring?

Mix regular contouring with a supersize offering of Ronald McDonald and you get clown contouring. The technique involves shading, highlighting, and color correcting. Instead of the general lines and blocks of color, you paint your face like you’re doing clown face paint for Halloween with geometric shapes. The key difference between clown contouring and regular clown makeup is that you apply the colors according to the contouring rules about what areas you want to highlight or chisel. And you obviously blend everything together so you’re not doing outside with a ring around your mouth.

Is the end result any different?

The clown contouring technique may be different but the end result is the same airbrushed Kardashian-esque contoured look that everyone is so crazy about.

How do you get the look?

If you want to try clown contouring, you can check out BellaDeLune’s video. You’ll need your regular contouring palette and color-correcting shades. Bella used creams and a small brush for her look. Tip: The poo emoji has a significant meaning in her video but you might want to skip it for your everyday beauty look unless you make sure to blend it in very well.

13 Contouring Before And Afters From Pinterest Tutorials

Just as with any type of art, contouring takes some time to master. But with the help of these 12 amazing Pinterest tutorials, you’ll be great in no time!

The art of contouring is not an easy one to master. It takes control, restraint, and a willingness to play around until you get it right. Prior to blending, your face might look like an actual mask; after, it’s suddenly brighter, more defined, and accentuated in all the right places.

In the near future, we’ll be doing a how-to on the topic for ourselves and it is a little nerve-wracking (but hopefully you’ll tune in regardless). In order to prep, I have been looking all over Pinterest for cool contouring tutorials that will work for a variety of face shapes and skin tones. After all, as we saw yesterday with our roundup of tutorials for dirty hair, Pinterest can be the magical land of plentiful beauty assistance! So, let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there right now, shall we?


Amazing Contouring Tutorials

Seriously, step 3 looks so intense, and then suddenly, voila! Amazing.

2. Trend To Try: Contouring

Trend To Try: Contouring

 It doesn’t hurt that this one comes from one of my favorite inexpensive makeup brands, Eyes Lips Face.

Contouring and highlighting can make the world of a difference in a girl’s face shape and definition. Today we’re going to focus on contouring. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Start with a fresh face of your favorite foundation and conceal any imperfections. Using a Studio Mineral Powder Brush and a bronzer about 2 shades darker than your skin tone, sculpt the cheeks by swiping the powder slightly under your cheekbones (fishy face will help you find your cheekbones). Make sure to blend back into the hairline so there are no harsh lines! Be careful not to bring the contour too inward towards the center of your face or you may look funny. As a general rule, I stop right under the outer edge of the eyes.
  • Step 2: Contour the temples of the forehead. Blend the powder onto the edge of the forehead as well.
  • Step 3: Contour your nose if you prefer by dusting the powder on the sides of the nose and under the tip.
  • Step 4: To shape your jaw line, dust the bronzer under the jaw line and down onto your neck. Make sure to blend so it looks natural!.
  • Step 5: To add depth and definition to your eyes, contour the crease of the eyes with the bronzer. Feel free to line under the eyes for more definition.

See the difference?

3. How To Highlight and Contour

How To Highlight and Contour

Uh, how amazing is this how-to? It doesn’t hurt that Dana has the world’s best eyebrows, but she’s also a masterful artist.

4. How To Fake a Nose Job

How To Fake a Nose Job

Ever wonder how you can fake a nose job? Yeah, this is how. And it’s amazing. Oh my goodness.

5. Sunless Tan with Makeup

Sunless Tan with Makeup

Before and afters are my favorite, seriously.

6. Basic Contour Makeup Tutorial

Basic Contour Makeup Tutorial

If you’ve ever been confused about how to figure out blush placement, LuLu’s has got you covered.

7. How to Contour Black Skin Using Makeup

How to Contour Black Skin Using Makeup

Prefer a video version? This one from Howcast is excellent for those who really want to watch the process!

8. Skin Routine Pictorial

Skin Routine Pictorial

Court Montes explains exactly what she does in each step on her popular Instagram, so definitely check it out.

9. Best Ben Nye Banana Powder Ideas

Best Ben Nye Banana Powder Ideas

Stunning look for a summer night out.

10. How To Contour

How to contour for beginners

Gosh, Lauren Conrad is actually pretty fantastic at tutorials.

11. Contouring Before And After Makeup

Contouring Before And After Makeup

It’s always startling to see just how much highlighter goes on initially.

12. Mineral Finishing Powder

Mineral Finishing Powder

BTW, you need to follow Glam_Her_Booth on Instagram because she posts a ton of these.

13. The Contour Map

The Contour Map

How Do You Really Feel About Contouring?

Contouring is a massive beauty trend. The only thing that comes close to rivaling the obsession with contouring is rainbow hair. Long gone are the days when contouring was something that the Kardashians did that we didn’t really understand. Contouring products have taken up considerable shelf space in the makeup aisle. There are countless contouring tutorials, and the original chiseled technique has spawned several offshoots, including clown contouringhair contouring, and a valiant attempt at cleavage contouring. It may seem like the world has gone contouring crazy (or krazy if you’re a Kardashian), but how do you really feel about it? Do you chisel and highlight your face every single day, or do you only contour for special occasions? Or do you still not get what exactly contouring is and what all the hype is about?

I love playing around with new makeup trends, but I am not a contouring addict. I think the results can be really dramatic, and it’s a great technique to change the shape of your face, but it isn’t part of my normal makeup routine. My everyday beauty philosophy is less-is-more, and I don’t want to be sculpting my face every morning. The closest I’ll get to contouring is applying a bit of bronzer to enhance my cheekbones. Contouring looks great in photos, but sometimes it looks like way too much when you see it without a filter, in daylight.

Tell us how you feel about contouring in the comments.

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