How many different contouring trends are we up to by now? 540? 680? So many that you lost count back in November? Just recently, we’ve seen Valentine’s Day heart contouring, tape contouring, and multi-color makeup contouring. One beauty trend that has yet to spawn a million different variations is strobing. It’s an offshoot of contouring, but it involves highlighting your face instead of chiseling and altering your features. Surely there are multiple ways to do that? There is at least one new way. The one that is gaining attention right now is called chroming.

Don’t get your highlighters out just yet, though, because chroming uses one unique product: lipstick. That’s right, you will now actually want to have lipstick all over your face. If you think you’ll be chroming with red lipstick, don’t worry; things aren’t that complicated. It’s all shimmery, neutral tones here. Cosmopolitan UK reported that the look was created by MAC Cosmetic‘s senior artist Dominic Skinner. He posted a photo of chroming on Instagram and explained how to get the look.

MAC All I Want Lipstick

What’s really interesting is that Dominic’s lipstick of choice is none other than the one from Mariah Carey‘s MAC collaboration. The “All I Want” Lipstick ($17) shade is described as a frosty champagne shimmer shade. You probably wanted the lipstick just for the name alone, but the chroming look makes you want it more.

To get the look, Dominic explained in the post that he applied it on the brow bone, eyelid, and cheekbone as a highlight. He simply applied it directly from the bullet and blended it in with his fingers. Of course, you could also apply it in the traditional way to your lips to complete the look.

We have seen some interesting uses for lipstick. Remember the hack about covering your dark under-eye circles with red lipstick? However, chroming just might be the best one yet. Unlike a lot of the complicated (and often unnecessarily so) contouring trends we’ve seen, chroming is dead simple. When was the last time that you created a makeup look with one product, and it took all of 10 seconds to do? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. With chroming, you do not need any makeup brushes or a 20-minute video tutorial—you only need one product. If you were feeling fancy, you could play around with different shades of shimmery lipstick. However, if you want a simple-but-pretty beauty look, you cannot go wrong with copying Dominic’s exact chroming one.

Go grab your shimmery nude lipstick and give the look a try. A few quick swipes will show you that sometimes it actually is a brilliant thing to have lipstick all over your face.

(Photo: Instagram/Dominic_MUA)

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