what are russian lashes

What Are Russian Lashes?

This is a question every lash tech is asked on a daily basis. In fact, us lash techs are asked multiple times a day! ‘Will they be too heavy?’ ‘Will my lashes look fake?’ ‘Are they going to be too much for me?’ ‘Won’t they ruin my natural lashes?!’

The answer to all of these questions is NO!

Here’s the truth: Russian Lashes (also called Russian volume lashes, volume lashes, or even RuVol) is the name given to an incredibly delicate and precise lash technique that is used to create a volume lash look. There are many different styles of lashes that can be created with Russian lashes – often they get a bad reputation (who’s seen ‘slug’ looking lashes?!) but the most natural lash looks can be created with Russians!

The beauty of the Russian Volume Technique is that its versatility means that your expert technician can create a catalog of different looks to suit whatever style you prefer. From full-on glamour to soft and fluffy, this technique is truly for everyone.

Another question lash techs get is:

What’s the difference between Russian Volume and Individual Lash Extensions?

difference between classic and russian lashes

With individual eyelash extensions, one single synthetic individual eyelash extension is applied directly onto one natural lash. Russian volume is a similar concept; however multiple ultra-fine lashes are delicately formed into a tiny ‘fan’ and then placed directly on each natural eyelash. Naturally, this creates more volume, giving the lashes a ‘fluffier’ effect.

Each Russian fan is intricately handmade and is formed of between 2-10 lashes depending on the desired look! The more lashes in the fan, the more volume!

If 2D-3D lash fans are applied (2-3 lashes per fan), this will create soft and fluffy lashes and give an incredibly subtle natural look. This style is ideal for those new to lash extensions, as well as those wanting enhanced lashes without all the drama.

If you’re looking for extra volume, your lash tech will suggest using 6D –10D fans (6 – 10 lashes per fan). With this style, lashes will look beautifully full and the volume will be more intense. This style is ideal for those who love a glam look!

As well as adding volume to natural lashes, Russian lashes can be intricately placed to cleverly conceal any gaps in the lash line. This helps to give the illusion of having more natural lashes as the fans cover the sparse areas.

One of the most important misconceptions about lash extensions that lash techs are on a mission to destroy is that they damage natural lashes. This is entirely FALSE (as long as they are applied correctly!).

Lash extensions fall out when your natural lashes fall out – you may just notice this process more as the lashes are more visible with the extension attached! Natural lash shedding is all a part of the natural lash growth cycle – it’s just like your hair falling and replacing itself!

Lash Perfect Lash Techs undergo training in order to learn how to apply lash extensions to ensure client comfort and longevity of lashes. They learn from experts to become experts themselves and gain the skills and knowledge to safely offer this professional treatment to their clients.

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