Too Faced's Soleil Matte Bronzer
Is Too Faced’s Soleil Matte Bronzer Worth The $30 Price Tag? Photo Credit: (Instagram via @nayatilly).

People everywhere rave about Too Faced’s Matte Soleil Bronzer, so we’re here to put it to the test.

You know how Snow White had skin as white as snow? Well, my skin is whiter than snow, if that’s even possible. I’ve come to terms with my paleness, and have managed to find foundations and concealers that match my skin tone after a lengthy trial and error period. There’s one product. However, that has evaded me for years: bronzer. I’ve tried matte finishes, shimmer finishes, liquid formulas, powder formulas, and literally everything in between, and nothing has ever allowed me to successfully contour my face without looking like I’ve just motorboated a vat of orange paint.

So, when my college roommate told me about Too Faced Cosmetics’ Soleil Matte Bronzer a couple years back, I knew I had to give it a shot. The thing that prevented me from trying it for so long, though, was the fact that one compact of the stuff costs $30. But now it’s my turn to test something for Controversial Cult Fave, and the way I see it, it’s now or never.

What It Claims

This is what Sephora’s page for this particular bronzer says:

“Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder makes getting glam-and-tan downright delicious. Too Faced combines the natural, therapeutic effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments, creating a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens out and enhances all skin tones. The complexion is left with a flawless finish, a gorgeous radiance, and a subtly sweet scent. Bask in beautiful bronze with this crave-worthy (calorie-free!) compact that’s sure to excite your senses. This ultra-sheer formula is easy to customize, so you will always look naturally irresistible—never orangey. Get glowing, golden goddess!”

First of all, I like that they called me a golden goddess. I’ve always known that that’s what I am, and it’s nice to have the Internet finally acknowledge that in print. I was initially a bit skeptical about this whole “cocoa powder” thing because I know from baking experience that getting pure cocoa powder on my skin or clothes is a nightmare to get out. But, with that said, all the reviews say that this bronzer is supposed to be great for all skin tones, and that’s kinda what I need at this point. There are two shades available, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. Given my hilarious white-itude, I went with Light/Medium.

What It Looks Like

The packaging is so classy and pretty that I just had to give you multiple shots. Here’s what it looks like when you first buy it:

Too Faced Cosmetics' Soleil Matte Bronzer
(Photo Credit: Instagram via @titip.malay).

And here’s what’s inside that little box! The compact itself makes me feel like the ~*golden goddess*~ that I am (and it includes a handy dandy mirror! Not sure how useful it would be for contouring given its size, but travel mirrors never hurt anybody.):

And guys, the best part? IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I feel like I’ve transformed my makeup space into a magical chocolate kingdom, and I couldn’t be happier.

The Test

Here I am in my base makeup, which consists of a relatively heavy-duty concealer to cover redness and dark circles, translucent powder, clear eyebrow gel, and mascara. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. And by “jelly,” I mean my awkward selfie face.

Too Faced Cosmetics Soleil Matte Bronzer Test

I applied the bronzer first with an angled bronzing brush to place it, then blended it out with a kabuki powder brush. Drum roll, please!

Too Faced Test 2

And from the side:

Too Faced Test 3

Final Verdict

I am in love. This bronzer is easy to blend, goes on relatively sheer so you can build up the color should you need to, and it’s not orange-y at all. The best part? My face literally smells like when you first open a hot chocolate packet after coming inside from sledding on a snow day in elementary school. You know what smell I mean. It’s on my face now.

So, if you’re pale like me and looking for a good bronzing or contouring product, definitely shell out the $30 on this bronzer. It’s the tits. Verdict: WORTH IT!

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